Vietnam's Raining Season: Fun Facts

In the Rain. Photo by Charles Chan (charles_chan) on Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0
Raining season will come soon to Vietnam and it will last after 5 months. Here are some fun facts about wet season in Vietnam

The raining season usually will start in Vietnam on May and will end by November with average rainfall about 1,900mm to 2000mm yearly

During raining reason in Vietnam, the average amount of sunlight per month is at the lowest point which is 10 hours each day

The highest record for high tide in Saigon since last 48 years ago was in year 2008 at 1.5m reached

50mm per hour is the maximum rainfall intensity during flooding season in Vietnam

2,718mm was the highest annual rainfall in Saigon (1908) and the lowest was at 1,392mm in 1958

The cyclones in Ho Chi Minh City can happend with wind speed in between 20m per second and 36m per second during raining season

During high temperature season, May (34°c) and it tend to cool for raining season 30°c in September, the humidity will soar from 70% in February and march to 85% density on September

There is approximately 80% of the rain that falls during wet season is between June to September which known as flood season

The reasons of flooding in Ho Chi Minh City are including of the aggressive development on former rice fields area at surrounding areas of Ho Chi Minh City, bad sewerage system at new suburban areas and bad drainage system for new streets, the canal get blocked by household rubbished and the effect of global sea level rising and the climate change

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the worst flooding areas in the world when the sea level has risen by over 1m at recent time



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