Saturday, 24 September 2016

[Taman Tun Dr Ismail] Eat The King of Fruit Like a King at 'Durian King' TTDI

Eat the King of Fruit like a King at Durian King TTDI.

My office is in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, or TTDI in short. Passing the Durian King TTDI banner on every morning when I am on my way to work was like torturing my self. I would say their banners along the lamp post was 100% work for me.

After reading some reviews here and there, I asked my bestie to go Durian King TTDI afterwork.

The location was very easy to find. If you are on Waze, just simply search for Durian King TTDI. Optionally you could refer to below address as it is located at the car park area of Pasar Awam Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.

Pasar Awam Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
Jalan Wan Kadir, 60000
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Business hour:
5.00pm - 12.00pm on weekend
12.00pm - 12.00pm on weekend

We arrived here at 5.45pm and the workers are still doing the setting up. To name some, there are Musang King, Udang Merah & XO for you to choose. As of the time I'm writing this article, Durian King was RM45 per kilo and Durian Xo was RM28 per kilo.

Since we are not budgeted for the Musang King, so we choose for Durian XO for our evening treat. Our was 2.1kg, a big one. How to describe my durian, it was creamy and a bitter one which is my favourite one. It came with  a very thick flesh and small seeds which made it up to my satisfaction.

I would say this place is brilliant in cross selling their products. We ordered 2 bowls of Cendol Durian which I would describe as the best in town. The cendol is sweet and creamy. Crazily the put some durian on top of the cendol which is super rich.

If I'm not wrong, the are only 2 Durian King outlets in KL which is one in TTDI and one in Bukit Bintang. Looking forward for my next durian end of this month at Durian King TTDI. Cheers!

[Segamat]: Segarnya Cendol Segar Amat

"Segarnya Cendol Segar Amat"

That is my first impression after sipping the fresh cold cendol at this cendol shop  Bandar Segamat.

Well, for those who didn't know, I am a Segamatian. Was born in Batu Pahat here with some memories of growing up in this place.

I personally think it is a bit hard to find hipster cafes or locally famous eating out places in Segamat. I hope this article will be my good start for me and others to explore what are good here.

Segar Amat Cendol
Jalan Utama 2/3, Taman Utama
85000 Segamat, Johor

At time I'm writing this article, there is a big empty space in front of this shoplot which normally will be Hari Raya bazaar or funfair venue here.

Just like other cendol places, Cendol Segar Amat also do serve Rojak & Nasi Lemak Bungkus for their customers. There are Rojak Biasa, Rojak Kuih & Rojak Ayam for you to choose. Note if you are asking for Rojak Ayam, please ask for the tight or rib side. Or else, all you will get are the bone parts only.

This cendol & rojak place will be my regular hang out place whenever I am back in town and I think you should hunt for this place too. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016

[Kuala Selangor]: Mee Udang Banjir - A Must Try in the Area

Many of us know that the district of Kuala Selangor – Tanjung Karang, Sekinchan up to Sungai Besar is very famous with paddy field, jetties and fishing villages. But I realized that this place have more to offer to the visitors.

In this article I will share with you about the Mee Udang Banjir Kuala Selangor (Kuala Selangor’s Flooded Prawn Mee).

Mee Udang Banjir Kuala Selangor
587, Jalan Batu 2, Pasir Penambang
45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor
Operation time: 11.00AM – 11.00PM

Direction: There is no special landmark for me to describe about this place. But if you come from Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Buloh or Ijok, this place is located on your right side before arriving to Kuala Selangor town. So, please get your co-pilot to have a long glance to the right side if you are driving here.

What so special about the Mee Udang here? Well, I have to compliment the side of the prawn and the pricing here. Mee Udang Kelabu (normal prawn) is RM9.50 per serving. The Mee Udang Galah is RM13.50 per serving and Mee Udang Laut is RM16.00. In each serving, there will be 4 or 5 prawns in your bowl which is I think good for the portion and the pricing.

Taste wise, I like the thickness of the gravies. It is more or less like Mee Rebus that we usually ate, but a bit sweet (not sure it is because of sweet potato or sugar). For me, the key of a delicious Prawn Mee is the gravies. For this one, I will rate it at 3.5 star for the gravies (acceptable under my taste rate). I am not sure if the cook make their own fresh prawn stock for the gravies, which will make the taste greater.

Overall, one should try this Mee Udang Banjir Kuala Selangor and I will definitely will come again for this prawn noodle and trying out other things in this area.