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Tomyam Kelapa Special (Special Coconut Tomyam) at Jalan Helang, Puchong Jaya

I love tom yam and I know many others out there love to eat tom yam too. If you are living in Malaysia, tom yam can be found at almost everywhere. From famous Thai food outlet, food court and street stall.

What so good about tom yam? For me, I love the clear broth, the spiciness and the freshness of the ingredients. In some articles that I previously read said that tom yam is good to heal flu, fever and for detoxification. So why need to pay so expensive when you get fever if you can sip a big bowl of tom yam soup right? Or you purposely wanna get MC from doctor the next day. Hahaha
Okaylah. Before I'm talking rubbish, let me straight to the topic of my 1st entry for October month. 
My housemate love tom yam too. That day I am so lazy to cook. So, I recalled that there is a row of Malay stalls located at Jalan Helang in Puchong Jaya. I told Chris that maybe we should check the place since the best tom yam should be made by Malay Kelantanese/Siamese (which is where the stall locat…

My Unforgettable Red Velvet Muffin from Chocolate World, Pavilion KL

Its soft, its smell good and its melt in your mouth. That is what I can describe about the Red Velvet Muffin that I recently bought from Chocolate World at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. 

The outlet is located next to the Food Republic and was care by a young Malay girl. At first, we never though of buying anything there. We were just browsing at their chill glass chocolate display and the girl start to greet us and give us many free tasting for their cookies and chocolate bites. 

According to the girl, all the bites here were made with chocolate which was imported from Belgium. Well, that answered by it is so great taste. While she entertaining other customers, we turn to the other side of her kiosk and saw the rows of fresh muffin. No hesitation, my housemate love everything made with the name of red velvet and we finally bought a large Red Velvet Muffin which we will eat it in the cinema later. 

I never eat Red Velvet Muffin before. But I think this one is great. Its melt in mouth and very li…

Get Impressed with the Impressed, Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

I was at La Juiceria on last July to try their cold pressed juice. If you want to know what is cold pressed juice? please go ahead to my previous entry about it. 

Me and my housemate were on our way to Bukit Bintang and we dropped by to Nu Sentral before hopping to KL Monorail to continue our journey. Then, my housemate were pointing to the La Juiceria and suggesting for Cold Pressed Juice to cool down ourselves during the heat of the hazy KL. 

But then, I remembered my ex-colleague whom currently working in Nu Sentral management office told me that there is a Bumiputra own Cold Pressed Jucie outlet located at the same floor which called Impressed. So, we change our mind from La Juiceria to Impressed. 

Impressed do serve limited choice of Cold Pressed Juice, but I love the simplicity on the menu. The staff suggested to us to take I4 in the juice menu which is consisted of watermelon, carrot, orange, green apple & pineapple. The stated benefit was anti inflammatory, to lower the chole…

My Fun-Craving Dinner at Franco Restaurant, Avenue K

Hi everyone, 

It has been awhile since my last posting in this blog. Before that, Happy October to all. Thats mean, we will have 2 more months before year 2016 and year end holiday time. I wish to complete my backdated blog writing before its too late. Perhaps I need to swiftly write a new entry after my eating out or activities. 

I was craving for Franco's since few months ago since I have to pass by the restaurant at old wing of One Utama Shopping Centre when walking to my office. I followed their Facebook Franco Malaysia and the IG: Franco Malaysia and been tempted with their food photos and promotion during their regular udpates. This experience was at their another outlet which is located in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur. 

Franco do serve a fine casual French Japanese cuisine for the diners. The menu was limited but stunningly tempting. I think it is good to be specialize like this rather than presenting a whole book of menu but fail to deliver the best taste. This is what I like about…