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Witnessing The Celebration of Hokkien New Year in Penang

This year, I had a chance to follow my mate to come back to Penang to witness how his family celebrate the Birthday of Jade Emperor which also know as a New Year Celebration for Hokkien people. You may read here for more info about the history of Jade Emperor's Birthday celebration

We were lucky that day, my boss is actually on a long leave and I managed to escape early from office and depart to Penang from Kuala Lumpur around 3.00pm. After 5 hours driving, we arrived to my mate's family house at Lim Jetty, Georgetown. From explanation, the most happening event during the celebration will be at Chew Jetty which is located next to Lim Jetty. If you have no idea about the jetties, you may read here for a better understanding (technically).

When we arrived, the mother busy in kitchen get busy preparing the dishes for prayer later midnight as well as some aunties were busy flipping papers for worshiping and prayer activities tonight. It was really a beautiful view and all family m…

A Must Try: Assam Laksa, Pasar Air Itam, Penang

Penang and Assam Laksa is something that really synonym. Now, I would like to share about one of my favorite Assam Laksa place in Penang. Almost everytime when I come back to Penang, I will visit here for breakfast.

Yes, I am referring to the famous Assam Laksa at Pasar Air Itam, Penang. A very simple direction, this place is located not really far from the famous Kek Lok Si Temple and miles away from the Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera.

About the Assam Laksa, the gravy is so rich with flavours, with lots of things inside. Slightly mild with a delightful aromas which is really nice for a Saturday brunch before exploring Georgetown afterthat.

Besides that, you also can order other foods here such as Muar Chee and also this delicous serving of fried popiah too. How about drinks? The vendor in front of you are ready to serve you an acceptable freshly machined sugar cane juice.

Places Around Teluk Intan, Exploring the Hidden Gems of Perak

If previously you read my article about the Leaning Clock Tower of Teluk Intan which the style is almost the  same as Leaning Tower in Pisa, Italy, I will share more about places and things you can do in here. 

Basically, the history of Teluk Intan was started during early 19th century and it was called as Teluk Mak Intan. Then, on March 1882, the British changed the name from Teluk Mak Intan to Anson Bay before the Perak Sultan changed the name again on 1st January 1982 as Teluk Intan. 

The question is, what can you do in when visiting here? At first, I am seriously blank about what can I do or see in here since most of blog postings are only referring to the only clock tower. 

If u come from Bidor, you will go straight to the centre of Teluk Intan via Changkat Jong road until you meet the intersection of the Clock Tower. Since we arrived at lunch time, our first agenda is to mingle at the food court area which is located at the opposite  side of the Clock Tower. There are selection of …