Monday, 14 September 2015

The Italian Gelato, Takashimaya, Singapore & The Case Study

Italian Gelato? What is that? 

I was in Singapore for a business trip with my housemate and we walked thru the lower ground of Takashimaya to cool ourselves from the humid and burning Singapore. Then, we accidentally stopped at this Italian Gelato & Coffee (I would say a kiosk or mini bar) which is located very near with a bakery and water fountain there. 

Without hesitating, I ordered 2 gelatos for us, Forest Berries flavour for me and Mango flavour for my housemate. Well, this is my first gelato in my life and I think it taste pure, flavourful and yum! Since the temperature in the Takashimaya is very chill, our gelato was not easily melting too. 

Other than strawberry & mango flavour, they have other flavours too such as Green Apple, Cookies & Cream, Apple Pie (which is the flavour of the week), Mama Cookies (which is special of the day) and many more.

Okay. So back to my earlier question. What is Italian Gelato? 

Actually, it is a twist tongue language. Gelato is the Italian word for icecream which derived from the Latin word, gelatus. In English, Gelato is commonly refers to the varieties of ice cream made in a traditional Italian style (Source: Wikipedia)

So, why don't we just call it an ice cream then? And here is what say. 

Creaminess: Gelato is creamier, smoother & silkier compared to the American ice cream. Just like what i tasted before. 

Ingredients: Both Gelato & Ice Cream contain cream, milk & sugar. The authentic gelato use more milk and less cream then an ice cream. The Gelato is generally doesn;t use eggyolk compared to normal ice cream.

Serving style: Authentic Italian Gelato isn't scopped. it's served with spade. Dig it?

Temperature: Italian Gelato is served about 10F to 15F warmer than normal American ice cream at about 7F to 12F. So, your mouth is less numb and be able to taste it better. 

So, previously I just don't care if it is an ice cream or Gelato. But now, I will choose Gelato to fulfill my sweet tooth craving. 

I wonder, where could I get the best Italian Gelato in Kuala Lumpur. 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Crossing to Singapore via JB Sentral - CIQ in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Hi guys,

I was in Singapore on last weekend for market survey for my new business. Out from normal, we decided to park our car in Johor Bahru (easily known as JB by Malaysian) and will take bus from CIQ (the immigration Malaysia immigration check point to Kranji in Singapore.

Crossing border can be very easy if you are choosing the right time. Please avoid peak time like in the morning and evening and there are alot of people are rushing to work on both side of CIQ traffic, Singapore & Malaysia.

To save money from paying an overnight parking at JB Sentral, I parked my car at Suria City Hotel which is located about 10 or 15 minutes walking to the CIQ. It is a free limited parking and I assumed it is safe. LOL, hopefully the hotel parking don't get cramped after you read this article.

So, after changing money at a money changer at JB Sentral, we walked thru the escalator heading to the Malaysia immigration electronic counter (non Malaysian will need to proceed to manual passport stamping. Done with the passport stamping, we walked to the lower floor to the bas terminal to Singapore. No problem, you will see the signboard which will direct you to the bus area.


There are many buses for you to choose to cross the border to Singapore. So, on that day we choose the CW1 bus with price S$1.50 per person and the journey crossing the sea is only less than 10 minutes during clear time. Always remember to avoid peak hours as the short distance can drag you to 1 or 2 hours cramped.

Once you arrived to Singapore Immigration Check Point, you need to get off from the bus with your belonging. Don't forget to fill in the entry form to Singapore and get your passport stamp by the officer. Done with all those, you will get off from there to the bus stop and your wait for the bus there.

You don't need to pay for a new ticket as long as you have the old one. From the Immigration Checkpoint, we took the bus and get off at the Kranji MRT station and heading to town.

More options, click on the link below for Bus CW2, CW3, 170, 160 and many more. Hoooyeah