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An Evening at The Apartment, The Curve, Damansara

My last dining at The Apartment restaurant was 3 years ago at KLCC. After watching Despicable 2 at Cathay Cineleisure Damansara, me and Christopher walked to The Curve for another dinner experience at this homey type of restaurant.
As we arrived, The Apartment was almost full with their guest. We decided to dine out at their bar, for better lighting (as the light in this restaurant was too dime for my cheap camera...hahaha).

We start with our drink, we think of having house wine, but when we think back, 2 glass will cost us around RM60. So, it is better for us to have a bottle of white wine which is very-very worth it. Nothing much to comment about our wine, Martyn 2012 is just okay to match with simple pasta.

No starter for today and we directly ordered 2 main course, Chicken Pasta & Duck Pasta. As for me, pasta dishes will always simple and easy. Our Chicken Pasta was okay and slightly spicy. But however, the sweetness of the white wine managed to natural up the spicy-ness of the p…

Personal Tips of Visiting Siem Reap – City of Angkor Temples

First time visiting Cambodia or particularly Siem Reap is a very exciting experience. My last trip to Siem Reap was from Ho Chi Minh City by bus with a quick stop at Phnom Penh and the journey took 12 hours with fascinating views along the way. The good point of travelling by bus is, you will able see the different views of Vietnamese and Cambodian living in terms of architecture, economy activities, writings and the environment.

Where to stay and night activities in Siem Reap?There are numbers of backpacking hotels for you to choose and mostly located in the heart of Siem Reap’s town area.  As for me, I am recommending I Lodge Guesthouse which owned by Mr. Borey, a very hotel owner and also professional tour guide in Siem Reap. He speaks native Khmer language, besides fluency in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. The hotel has been in 5 years operation, very clean with wifi available at lobby area.
I Lodge Address:#30,Tepvong Roads | SvayDangkum Commune, Siem Reap, Cambodia Email: borey007…

An Evening at Cupcake Chic at The Curve, Damansara

I am not a cupcake person and not even know about how to appreciate this kind of mini size of cake. My weekend day out brought me and my mate to Cupcake Chic at The Curve, Damansara which converted me to be a brand new cupcake lover.
Cupcake Chic, just like its name, this cupcake store is very popular for girls. We seat here for nearly an hour, and we saw girls, women, mother and wives keep coming in and out and simply pick what is their cupcakes of choice for take away. Even more, small kids also love cupcakes and even know about the name of those cupcakes displayed. See, how the Generation Z grow and I am still in my own "shock"!

We choose Red Velvet and a Choco-Banana cupcake with Peanut Butter topping on top. Great when they have a promotion RM9.90 for 1 Cupcake and 1 tea/coffee of choice. So we choose hot latte for me and cappuccino for my mate. Well, I can't review about the cupcakes as I am not the expert for this beautiful pieces. But for sure I love it. The mini s…

Is Halal Foods Really Halal in Ho Chi Minh City?

I believe many of our Muslim tourist are very concern about halal foods when travelling in Vietnam. Sometimes, the difficulties of getting halal foods can ruin the travelling plan to Vietnam and you can't enjoy to the fullest when visiting this beautiful country.

The Problem
When I said, is "Halal really Halal" in Ho Chi Minh City is base on my personal experiences here and I believe that I need to share about it. A short introduction about myself, I used to worked with some F&B businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and to be in their kitchen is one of my job area. So, when I saw such "non-halal" practise, I feel that our Muslim tourist were abused without they notice it.
Situation 1: Halal is just on the name There are restaurants which is not owned by Muslim and declaring that they served Halal foods. All the foods in the menu are "pork free", yes it is! But the problem is the Vietnamese staff. Sometimes, they will bring their own lunch box which is contai…

Day Trip in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - Part I

I have my own memory about Seremban town. During my study time, taking 3 hours bus from Segamat to Seremban for weekend outing or taking a transit to Kuala Lumpur via KTM Commuter. But then, I realized that I didn't explore much in Seremban town itself, and spending most of my time only in "Terminal One Shopping Centre". With that in mind, me and Christopher decided to have 1 day budget-trip to this capital city of Negeri Sembilan.
We departed from Kuala Lumpur as early as 7.15am from KL Sentral via KTM Commuter and arrived to Seremban around 8.00am (45minutes train journey).As we were freaking hungry, our first destination is Pasar Besar Seremban for breakfast. A taxi cost us RM5 for a 5 minutes journey. It was okay as we can't walk with empty stomach. 

Arrived to Pasar Besar Seremban, we directly go to the second floor of this market and search for the foods that we earlier planned to eat; Seremban Famous Beef Noodle & Famous Mee Hoon Sotong. A quick review about…

Easy Meal: Beef Potato and Egg

My mate reminds me that no more spicy for dinner as we ate a lot of spicy foods over the weekend. So, this recipe coming out to my mind and plus everything can be ready in about 30 minutes time. 
Here is my pictorial guide about how to cook this easy meal.

Masjid India Night Market, Kuala Lumpur

Pasar Malam, night market or night bazaar is a business which normally start from evening until night. This kind of market is very popular especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, and normally located nearby residential area. 

Going to Pasar Malam is one of the weekly-must-do activity for some peopleor family. As for me, going to Pasar Malam was such a very delightful activities with the excitement of seeing nice foods, fruits, clothing and the multi-race crowd.
One of my best Pasar Malam is the Saturday Night Market which is located along the Masjid India Street and Tuanku Abdul Rahman Street. This night market is very accessible via LRT (the nearest station is LRT Masjid Jamek) and its 5 minutes walking to this night market. Normally this market will start crowded as early as 6.00pm with peak time in between 8.00pm to 9.00pm. 

If you ask me about what is so special in this Pasar Malam? Nothing different compared to other Pasar Malam in Kuala Lumpur. The only different here is t…