Kuantan Eating Out: Hoi Yin Restaurant for Breakfast

My food hunting in Kuantan was very interesting, from authentic Malay food to a bowl famous Chinese noodles. Yes, I am talking about the Mee Curry at Hoi Yin Restaurant, Teluk Cempedak. Our friend Edmund came as early as 7.45AM to fetch me and Christopher as we don't want to miss the chance to enjoy the Mee Curry and later to snap photos at Tanjung Api Fishing Village.

When we arrived to the restaurant, I am surprised to see a lot of Malay Muslim having their breakfast there. My personal remark about this place from many bloggers said that, this restaurant served pork free dishes. But now, I believe its halal for Muslim customers. 

But anyhow, Hoi Yin still came with a typical Chinese restaurant style with round table, stools, Chinese calligraphy on the wall, chopsticks and Indonesia worker. Why Indonesian worker? It is because nowadays, most of Chinese restaurants will have Indonesia workers to take order or as a helper. 

Ok. Back to the main highlight, the Mee Curry, normally we will order one food and share it as we know that later we will stop at another place to taste other foods. But since this is our first food of the day, we orders 2 bowls of small Mee Curry and one serving Mee Soup for Edmund. The Mee Soup consisted of the same ingredient with Mee Curry, just they changed the curry soup to a clear soup. 

I'd tasted many kind of Mee Curry in Malaysia and to be honest, I cannot really differentiate the one that ate in Hoi Yin Restaurnt. Maybe the different is, this Mee Curry have cockles inside besides the curry soup is a bit light. Besides, the noodle consisted of yellow noodle, fried tofu and chicken as well. It is not so spicy but still can make you sweat. Some bloggers shared that the taste and the deliciousness of the Mee Curry here is slightly down compared to long time ago. However, this restaurant is still full with customer, perhaps because of the long history in Mee Curry making or maybe because not so many halal Chinese Mee Curry house in town.

Ka Ching! We spent RM14.00 for below items:
3 servings of Mee Curry: RM12.00
2 cups of hot drinks: RM2.00

Please see the map below for the direction to Hoi Yin Restaurant from Kuantan Bus Terminal.

Last but not least, Thanks to Edmund, our Kuantan friend for being a wonderful guide during our trip in Kuantan and my travel mate, Christopher for the photos. 

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