Kuantan Eating Out: Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, Tanjung Lumpur

I still remember, few months ago when my classmate Ain told me about there are many nice seafood restaurant in Kuantan and I don't believe it. Deep in my mind, Kuantan is a boring city located in the east coast of Malaysia  with population around 600,000 (as at 2010). But, my last visit to Kuantan had opened my eyes and yes! there are a lot to explore in this city.

One of the specialty in Kuatan is Ikan Bakar (Grilled fish) and one of the best place to enjoy grilled fish in Kuantan is at Ana Ikan Bakar at Tanjung Lumpur. This place is located about 5KM from Kuantan town via Kuantan Pekan Road or 15 minutes by driving and the most crowded among others.

Immediate when I arrived to this restaurant, I went to the fresh section to choose what to be grilled. Garoupa, Red Tilapia, Sting Ray, jumbo prawn and octopus are among the fresh selection for you to choose. As for me, Christopher & Edmund, I choose Jemuduk fish (weighted 500gm) and grilled with sambal for three of us.

In person, I don't really like grilled fish as I worry of the fishy smell and sometimes it can be under-cooked  But in here, I am very impressed with the taste and the flavour of the grilled fish. It is not so spicy and the sambal was really mixed well the freshness of the Ikan Bakar. In addition, if you would like to enrich the taste of the grilled fish, you can combine it with Air Assam or Red Chilli with Soy Sauce dipping which will be served together with the grilled fish. 

The signature dish in here is the Ikan Bakar Petai. As I don't eat Petai because of the smell, I chose the regular Sambal instead. Besides, you can order other cooking style such as 3 Rasa (3 flavours), sweet sour, steam fish, fish with ginger and many more.

This Ana Ikan Bakar also drew a very multi racial crowd and this a proof that all races can be together especially when talking about good foods. We checked out from this seafood paradise and this stunning 500gm Grilled Jemuduk Fish cost us RM19.40 which is very reasonable. 

Thanks to Edmund, our Kuantan friend for being a wonderful guide during our trip in Kuantan and my travel mate, Christopher for the photos. 
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