Kuantan Places: Masjid Sultan Ahmad I, the Biggest in Pahang

The state mosque of Sultan Ahmad I is located in Kuantan town, Pahang. This mosque was launched by Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Mustain Billah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar on 21st October 1994.

The name of this mosque was from the first king in pahang, Sultan Ahmad Al-Mu'adzam Shah after defeating the Bendahara Wan Mutahir during late 1890. 

The Biggest Mosque in Pahang

The Sultan Ahmad Shah I Mosque is the biggest in Pahang State and one of the landmark for the Kuantan town. The tower of the mosque is 180ft and this mosque can fit at least 8000 people at one time. This mosque was the brainchild of the Sultan of Pahang, Sultan Ahmad Shah.  

Concept & Architecture

The construction of this mosque was according to the architecture during Othmaniah era with material and it was built with material and modern technology. There are four semicircular domes which place in betwee the main dome which dominating the upper side of main prayer hall. The soft blue and green colour give a very calm mood to the mosque as well.


The Interior Design & Decor 

The interior design inside and outside this mosque is in geometry patern. The geometry combination was done in a very detail way which made this mosque very interesting. The blue and white reflection from the pattern marble also give a very special effect to the inner side of the mosque. Besides, the 99 names of Allah or called as Asma' ul-Husna was well calligraphed on the mosque's wall besides some other quote from the Al-Quran was displayed as the mosque interior design. 


If you plan to visit Kuantan, the Sultan Ahmad 1 Mosque is one of the place that you should come. If you are non-muslim, remember to dress appropriately before entering the mosque area. 

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