Angker: Kellie's Castle & the Mystery

What do you know about Kellie's Castle?

The Kellie's Castle was built by a well-known British rubber plantation owner named William Kellie Smith on year 1910. The building was built in 3 floors according to the design of Moghul Palace in Agra city, India and all the architects was brought from Madras.

William Kellie Smith was originally from a village in Scotland known as Kella and he went to Malaysia when he was 20 years old, before the modernization of Malaya. He met a land owner, Alma Baker and won a big concession from Malaya government to open 360 hectare of Perak's forest land and from the profit of the project, he started a rubber plantation project, tin mining and a housing company.

Then, he went back to Scotland and he get married with Agnes before coming back to Malaya on 1903. On the following year, the couple get one baby girl named Helen and after years, Agnes tried to get pregnant again as he need a son to inherit his business later. Finally, Antony was born on 1915 and to celebrate the born of Anthony, Smith started his plan to build a big palace with name Kellas House.

This house is consisted of 14 rooms, underground room and a secret tunnel with the very first lift in Malaya. At second floor, he wants to have a tennis court with concrete flooring. However, the construction of this building has to be stopped after Kellie passed away in Lisbon Port, Portugal on 11th December 1926 and the structure of this building remained as "under construction" look and now is a tourism attraction in Batu Gajah Perak.

The Mysteries of Kellie's Castle

Kellie's Soul in the Castle

Many people said that they saw the features or shadow of Kellie walking at the corridor of this castle (News Straits Times 27th May 2008). In an interview for a documentary program, Tajuddin Yaakob, the director of Aqfast Enterprise, which is the management company of Kellie's Castle also shared about the mystery of this castle. Its happened when a group of Natural Scientist from Canada were doing a research about night animal at Kellie Castle , one of the female members saw a feature like an Eurasian standing and looked at them from one of the window, which believe as the soul of William Kellie Smith.

The Mystery of Helen's Room

In Helen's room, some visitors said that they saw a sign of Eurasian kid around 6 years old wandering in the room. 

Guard without Legs

On 1995, for guys from Tapah, Perak visited this castle and arrived around 5.00pm and being informed by a  someone as the castle guard that the castle was close on that time. Before leaving the castle, they turn back and saw that the guard was flying and dont't have leg  (News Straits Times, 8th October 2006)

As for me, trip to Kellie's Castle was the first and the last. That's all! 


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