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Living Moderately in Ho Chi Minh City

Not everybody comes to this country and is employed with multi-millions of Vietnamese Dong monthly. Some foreigners come to this country for some volunteer jobs in English schools or houses of orphanage[Like SOS Childrens Village] and some others are into freelancer or own a small business. Many says that the cost of living here is cheaper than their home country, but many foreign workers here still need to control their daily budget in order to avoid any money shortage before the next pay-check comes.
Moderate Daily ExpensesStart your day by having banh mi for breakfast which is available for you to grab at every corner in town. You can order the banh mi with its filling such as two fried eggs, vegetables, chilli and soy sauce with the price is in between VND12,000 to VND15,000 for one serving. During lunch time, you may spend a little bit more as you need to consume more food to continue the rest of your day. You are expected to spend around VND30,000 for rice and a side dish such as…

Vung Tau Beach – Saigonese Weekend Escape

Vung Tau is one of the nearest beach cities in Vietnam which is located about 120 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. If you feel stuck over the weekend and looking for a quick escape, Vung Tau Beach is a good option. This city was also considered as a French preferred holiday destination during their era. Besides, there are a group of expatriate communities, especially Russian who are working at petroleum drilling platform. Get Set & Go!
Going to Vung Tau is very easy. You can take a bus from Mien Dong Bus Station in Binh Thanh District with two hours journey. Optionally, you can go to Vung Tau by using hydrofoil which is a little bit pricey, around VND 200,000 but your journey only will take around 1 hour and 15 minute. Good reputation hydrofoil operators such as Petro Express and Vina Express fo have daily services from Saigon’s Bach Dang Jetty at Ton Duc Thang street to Vung Tau. The boats leave every hour from Ho Chi Minh City starting from 6.30am and you must know, they are rea…

Backpacking in Vietnam: How much do you need to bring for your 10 Days trip?

Sometimes you are not sure about how much you should bring for your Vietnam backpacking trip. You might think that everything is cheap in Vietnam, but since the petrol rise and positive economy, everything is no more as cheap as your imagination. If you choose a medium range of backpacking trip, you are expected to spend around USD 50 to USD 70 per day. This is including your accommodations, food and other tour needs. However, you may squeeze your budget to USD 25 per day and it’s still reliable for budget concerned travelers. Travelers also need to remember that things might be more expensive in north cities of Vietnam.
Accommodations The most popular budget accommodation in Ho Chi Minh City is at Pham Ngu Lao Street, along the way to Bui Vien and De Tham Street. A one night deluxe room will cost around USD 15 to USD 25 per night. If you are seeking for a medium range of accommodation, you may search for hotel nearby the famous Ben Thanh Market with price around USD 35 to USD 60 for…

International Landing in Vietnam 2012/2013

If you want to confess about the numbers of international tourists in and out from Vietnam, you can count on how many daily takeoffs and landings from Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City and Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

The earliest international airlines that flying directly to Vietnam were Singapore Airlines, Air France, Thai Airways and Lufthansa from Germany. In 2004, United Airlines came to Vietnam and making the trip from Vietnam to America easier. Every year, there are millions of overseas Vietnamese coming to Vietnam to visit family, business and also leisure. Out from 6,000,000 international tourists that came to Vietnam last year, 80% of them arrived by air transportation. The opening of Danang International Airport had encouraged international landings from Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and even Russia. From June this year, Emirates has been officially landing at Ho Chi Minh City with a group of foreign journalists to celebrate th…

Understanding The Concept of Saving Face in Vietnamese Culture

Asian were born with a very unique culture called as “Saving Face culture”. From typical Japanese business etiquette to wet market transaction in the smallest village in central Vietnam, this social culture is still applied in everybody’s daily life. If you make someone losing face even not on purpose, this infraction is rarely forgiven. The Concept of saving Face First of all, let’s describe the concept of “face” in Vietnam. It’s a combination of reputation, social standing, dignity and individual honors. “Losing face” is an action to cause someone look down in front of their friends or community and “building face” is the process of making someone feel good in front of others. This is totally different compared to Western cultures which is very outspoken towards any matters. However, in Vietnam, building face will come first during early stage of business meeting before proceeding to the real deal. Making Noise Shouting or arguing in public is strictly prohibited. This scene will a…

Get to Know the Door of Mekong Region – My Tho City

My Tho city is a provincial province of Tien Giang province. The city is categorized under Grade II in Tien Giang province by the Prime Minister on 7th October 2005. Located at the lower north shore of Tien River, eastern and northern of Cho Gao district, west side of Chau Thanh district and Ben Tre Island at the south part, this city consisted of 11 wards and 4 communes with population of 220,000 people. History of My Tho The city was founded on early 1680s by Chinese refugees from Taiwan and rapidly grew from a traditional gateway for people to Mekong delta to an economic hub-city. In the 17th century, My Tho city is very popular in the south besides the port city of Bien Hoa. The city became more prosperous during French colonization supported by the increasing numbers of immigrants from Teochew and Minnan. Economy Activities in My Tho Since the early era of My Tho until now, core economic activities in My Tho are tourism products, fishing and agricultural products. Bananas, cocon…

Dating Spot in Vietnam: This is where the “Intimidating” starts

Vietnamese dating scene can be easily seen in Ho Chi Minh City especially at every evening and week night. Sometimes you will observe a little bit too much here and there, but as a responsible traveler, it is advisable for you not to stare at them to show your respect. There are some places which you can see more Vietnamese teenagers out for a date.

“Lovey Dovey” in the ParkSpend your evening by walking at 23/9 Park at Pham Ngu Lau backpacker area or nearby Notre Dame Cathedral in District 1, you will see many young couples sitting on bench or motorbike, hugging and playing with each other. This scene maybe awkward for some conservative Asians, but you have to admit that this is the cheapest dating ever. Many young Vietnamese are still pursuing their study or just started working, going to coffee shop might be very costly for them. There are some vendors who are selling soft drink and junk food such as Banh Trang Nuong or “Grilled Rice Paper with Scallion and Quail Egg) with price aro…

Expatriate Eyes: The best way to treat local Vietnamese Women and be local

Year by year, we can observe increasing numbers of foreigners coming to this country for business and leisure. Despite economic difficulties, the local tourism business has still maintained an increase in numbers of tourists with 2.5million which is 22.9 percent from the same month last year. For people who are living here, you have to remember that Vietnamese women and youngsters are mostly enjoying the freedom to talk and have a relationship with foreigners. When you are in a relationship with Vietnamese women, you must be more sensitive, especially for those who are having a strong family ties and traditionally religious.
Full of Respect
As a foreigner, you must respect any religious requirement while treating women in Vietnam. Most of Vietnamese are Buddhist and some of them are no religion. You have to be cautious when trying to get close with them and advisable for you to wait until the women make their first move on greeting and any other general conversation. Don’t Stare
No one …

Memorable Kisses in Vietnam

When you go for a date with someone, the first kiss is always an important matter and we always want to remember it. It can be teenagers who will experience their first ever kiss in their life or for someone who had seen somebody and looking forward for first kiss in the relationship. Every first kiss will give an impact to the individual. If you are a good kisser, it will always be in the couple’s memory. If it is badly done, emotionally you will turn down your sweetheart. All you need to do is calm down and look for less crowded places for your first kiss. At least, the crowd won’t make you nervous and your first kiss may be more memorable. Where you should go for your first kiss? Here are some places which can very spontaneous but mesmerizing. In a party with dimmed light, R&B Music and both of you dancingGoing to Blanchy’s Tash at Hai Ba Trung street and get some cocktails to start your night. Blanchy’s is very classy and such a perfect place if you are seeking for a memorable p…

Prostitution Scene in the Backpacker's Area of Saigon, Vietnam

Prostitution is a never-ending story in a tourism city such as Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Singapore. Even if your travel intention is just for sightseeing and visiting tourist attraction places, single or group male travelers normally cannot avoid from being approached by sexual offers from male or female prostitutes in town. Even, the industry is not as open as in Bangkok or Phuket, the scene in Ho Chi Minh is on the rise especially at the backpacker area, Pham Ngu Lao.

In this article, we describe female prostitutes as “Night Butterflies” which to portray their image who are flying around the city seeking for customers.

“Night Butterflies” on the BikeMotorbike is a means of transportation in Vietnam. These “Night Butterflies” are very mobile when they are moving around by motorbike. They can ride on streets, alleyways and even in the pedestrian walks. When you walk alone from Ben Thanh Market heading to Pham Ngu Lao across 23/9 Park, do not be surprised when there are beautiful gir…

Gordon's Great Escape Season 2 Episode 2 - Vietnam

Gordon Ramsay was born on 1966, November 8 and he is a successful British businessman, television personality, celebrity chef and a restaurateur. He is currently present in numbers of well-known TV programmes such as Ramsay's Best Restaurant, Masterchef US, Hell's Kitchen and many more. 

Last year, one of his TV programme, Gordon's Great Escape was took part in South East Asia and Vietnam was one of his stopover. Check out the below clips for the full episodes of Ramsay in Vietnam which was airred in ABC Television last year.

Source: ABC Television

Attending Vietnamese Wedding at Countryside

As a foreigner, it is a delightful experience when you are invited to attend a Vietnamese wedding ceremony. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, the wedding ceremony normally will be held in fine restaurants, wedding halls or hotel grand ballrooms to show their wealth and appreciation to their guests. How about at the countryside? It is totally a different experience starting from crossing province area, overnight at your friend’s house and of course, unlimited supply of foods.
Just forget all the champagne, big fresh flower bouquets, red carpet, popular MC or Vietnamese celebrities’ appearance. Not even air-conditioned hall and bride-groom photo slideshow on giant white screen, the wedding in countryside is more rural and traditional. The ceremony normally held in front of their house or at big street areas. Days before the ceremony, people will set up some tents with plastic chairs and table and the tent will be decorated with pink or purple colour curtains and fake flowers for decoration…