Foodie Craze: Kota Bahru Beef Noodle now in Puchong

Do you know that now you don't have to travel to Kelantan to enjoy the very authentic Kota Bharu Beef Noodle? One of my blog reader, SM Loong responded to my last posting about Ngau Kee Famous Beed Noodle and said that in Puchong have a so called, Kota Bharu Beef Noodle. Luckily, this restaurant is just 5 minutes walking from home at Puchong Jaya. 

The stall at KH20 Restaurant
Basically, this Kota Bharu Beef Noodle restaurant is located at KH20 Restaurant (67, Jalan Kenari 20 - the opposite side of IOI Mall and you have to turn left on the LDP) -GPS coordinates: N 03 02.628, E 101 37.302. In short, this KH20 Restaurant is just like other Chinese restaurant in town with many small other stalls sell various foods, most of people went here for  Siew Yuk (Roasted Pork) besides other typical Chinese cuisine. Besides, this restaurant also have various options for "Economy Rice" too.

The Map to KH20 Restaurant

A bowl of yellow noodle, with minced beef on top 

Back to the beef noodle story, this stall was operated by the daughter of Lim Siong Kee, who owned the famous beef noodle in Kelantan. This place is open from morning to lunch, Monday to Saturday and close on Sunday. It is better for you to arrive earlier to avoid any disappointment because this noodle can finish as early as 12.00pm.

A bowl of beef soup and beef balls

How can I describe about this food? I ordered the dry one as I can taste the authenticity of the soup and mixture of noodle and beef separately. My soup on the side consisted of 2 beef balls, some internal parts of the cow and tender slices of beef. In the meantime, I choose yellow noodle (you can have it with Kuey Teow noodle as well) for my serving it was perfectly mixed with soy sauce, minced beef  and other special ingredients.

She's on paper
Some said that, this beef noodle is the best in Malaysia and as authentic as the one in Kelantan. I just had a very nice Beef Noodle in Seremban last 2 week, but this one promised me a truly different taste compared to others and definitely, it will be one of my "like" for a bowl of beef noodle next time. 

I was enjoying this Kota Bahru Beef Noodle with my "Foodie and Travel Mate", Christopher. Please LIKE his photography page at to show your support towards his photography passion. 


  1. Looks nice:)

    1. Yes Jocelyn. If u every lost in Puchong, you should find this Beef Noodle. One of my best experience.

  2. I used to eat breakfast at the Kota Bharu shop every few Fridays, when my parents were off for the weekend. Nothing I've had in KL has measured up to what, to me, is the best beef noodle ever. The beef noodles in KL are just too 'cheng' to me. Tasteless.

    I still make sure to drop by every time I'm back home, and the taste has been maintained over the 20 odd years I've eaten there. After all, the same lady still prepares it every morning. I need to drop by Puchong and sample this 'branch' of theirs. Hopefully it won't disappoint.

    1. Yeah. Please try and share what is your opinion about this "Puchong Branch" :)


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