Evening "Eating Out" at Chui Yin Street of Bentong, Pahang

When you asking me about nightlife in Bentong, its really nothing. As early as 7.30pm, most of the shops were closed and the only can see a lot of cars and truck passing by this main street to connect Bentong to Raub and Kuala Lipis. Besides, this route is also and alternative way to go to Kota Bahru, Kelantan.

At early evening, the shops already closed and nothing much to do. However, you should check out the backside of Bentong's street for food hunting especially at Chui Yin Street or Jalan Tali Air which still alive with many activities especially Chinese Restaurant.

Our jounrey continued with food hunting at this lane. Around 6.00pm, we were walking from our mini hotel at Jalan Pasar and from far we can see some blue tents which is the landmark that we about to head for.

First, we dropped by to a snack stall to buy a fried bun with red bean filling. Personally I don't like it because the red bean filling was not as tasty as i expected. The bun was too cold which make it a bit hard at every bites.

Chicken Rice at Chui Yin Street

Next, we went to the famous (among most bloggers) chicken rice stall which is next to the fried bun stall. Be surprised, it was only 6.30pm and they are about to finished their chicken rice of the day. Anyway, we were just lucky to get final 2 servings of Chicken Rice from this stall. 

The mixed Chicken, fruit & herbs soup for the Chicken Rice

Even we got the last serving, we still splendidly can enjoy our dinner here. The chicken rice have a very different taste compared to chicken rice in other places. The colour also not as yellowish as but more to brownish and the aroma. I found out that the chicken soup was really different when they put some fruits and herbs in the soup and the taste was a bit fruity. If you like it spicy, you can have it with chili dipping on the side.

Yum Cake with Chili and Sweet Sauce

The experience never end at the chicken rice stall only. We browsed to the next stall for yam cake. The truth is, we not only up for yum cake, but we also go for a bowl of Black Glutinous Rice in Coconut Milk, some Chinese snacks, and a serving of Economy yellow noodle. This Yam Cake is Christopher's favorite. It served on plate and garnished with a sweet and spicy sauce for taste. 

Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk

The Black Glutinous Rice in Coconut Milk was okay for me, but I wish it can be sweeter. Other than that, there were another 4 different sweet soups for you to choose as well. 

Chinese Snacks at the Yam Cake stall

How much did we spend at for this "stalls" dinner?
RM8.00 - 2 Servings of Chicken Rice 
RM7.00 - 2 Pieces of Yam Cake, 1 bowl of sweet soup, 2 Chinese snack and 1 Serving Economy Noodle
RM0.80 - 1 Fried Bun with Read Bean filling

Total RM15.80

Economy Noodle, Chui Yin Street

Thanks Christopher for great photos. If you are interested to enjoy foods here, please refer to the map below for the direction. Take note that the dishes is under "pork free" category, with high concern for Muslims.

There are some Muslim and Halal restaurants nearby Bentong Bus Station with limited choice of foods.  Optionally, the only KFC in Bentong is open daily from 9.00am until 3.00am daily. Really cool if you need something to eat in the middle of night in Bentong.


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