Kuantan Eating Out: Nasi Kerabu Tanjung Api Fishing Village

We found this eating place all of sudden when visiting Tanjung Api Fishing Village for a photo shooting. This fishing village is located about 5KM from Kuantan town or 15 minutes by driving. Refer to the map below:

Before I share about the eating place, let me describe about this fishing village. This village is now up for modernization with big main road, schools and other amenities. The main highlight of this fishing village is the fishing boats jetty which is located next to Kampung Tanjung Api wet market. This fishing village also is very nice spot for photo shooting. 

When we arrive to the boat jetty, I saw many fishermen were relaxing and chit-chatting with each other. I can feel that they are staring and wondering about what the hell are this three guys doing at this non-tourist area. But, we keep going with our work plan and had done a great photo shoot experience here.

Before leaving the fishing village, I feel like I have to try something at the Warung (traditional or family run coffee shop) which is located at the fishing boat jetty. At first I ordered 2 kind of traditional malay snack (kuih) and it was truly delicious. 

I heard one of the customer in the Warung ordered Nasi Kerabu and we don't want to miss the chance to enjoy the food too. Nasi Kerabu is a a blue-coloured rice with dried fish or fried chicken, salted egg, cracker and other vegetables. This Nasi Kerabu is very popular in East Coast states of Malaysia and now is very popular around the country. 

What is my main highlight about this dish is the authenticity of the dish and far more delicious than the one served in fine restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. I believe, the cook prepared this Nasi Kerabu in traditional way in order to ensure its remained original. 

Ka Ching! We just spend RM4.00 for this stunning Nasi Kerabu and RM1.00 for 2 pieces of Malay Kuih. 

Another surprised factor is, this place is quiet remote for non-local, but I believe that word of mouth has brought many multiracial food lovers to this unique eating place too. Who will expect when a couple of Chinese lady with her foreigner came to this Warung and directly ordered 2 servings of Nasi Kerabu. Maybe I am outdated, but I am very happy when our Malaysian now share the same passion and love to local foods. 

Last but not least, Thanks to Edmund, our Kuantan friend for being a wonderful guide during our trip in Kuantan and my travel mate, Christopher for the photos. 

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