Kuantan Eating Out: Warung Paksu & Maksu, Tanjung Lumpur

Warung is a Malay word which referred to a small family-owned business especially coffee shop or food stall. My last visit to Kuantan brought me to Warung Maksu & Paksu at Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan. This place is open from lunch time to evening and very popular among local and visitors to Kuantan. 

How to get here? This restaurant is located about 6KM from Kuantan town or 15 minutes by car. If you had been to the Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, this Warung Paksu is just 1KM from there. The landmark for this place is the Peramu Police Station which is located next to the Warung. 

What so special here? Everything! Yes, I really mean it. The main highlight here is the Nasi Dagang (literally Trading Rice) and Nasi Minyak. Besides, you can order other dishes such as fried yellow noodle and mixed rice. As i arrived too early, i just ordered Nasi Minyak and Fried Yellow noodle besides other local dish such as "kuih", a version of Asian snack which is very popular especially in Malaysia and Indonesia. 

I am a Johorean and we have our very own version of Nasi Minyak. Whatever it is, I would say that this East Coast version of Nasi Minyak is not as greasy as the Johor version and quiet tasty. You can enjoy it with Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken with Sambal and Tomato sauce) or Gulai Daging (Beef with Coconut Milk & Curry Paste). 

Talk about the Kuih, there are nearly 10 different type of Kuih are ready for you to enjoy. Unfortunately I can't name those Kuih, but its really worth it for you choose each one of those to taste it. Basically, the Kuih will cost you RM1.00 for 4 pieces and you can mix and match up to what you like to have. 

As I said earlier, this Warung is like a local food paradise because you can have everything here. Pisang Goreng (Banana fritter), Keropok Lekor (Fish Sausage or Fish Fritter), Prawn Tempura, and other fried snack also available here. 

What else? Sata is a local specialty is a must try snack in this Warung. It is a combination of fish, shaved coconut, chili and flour which covered with banana leave before grilled on fire for about 15 minutes. This is one of my favorite whenever visiting East Coast states, particularly in Pahang & Terengganu. The Sata here will cost you RM2 for 5 pieces, reasonable and delicious.

If my stomach have an extra capacity for food, I will definitely order for more food especially the Nasi Dagang. According to my new friend, Chee Ann who came back to Kuantan for 2013 General Election said that, she didn't find any places in KL with Nasi Dagang as authentic as the one at Warung Paksu & Maksu.

How much did we spent here?

Nasi Minyak: RM3.50 (one serving for sharing)
Fried Noodle: RM2.00 (one serving for sharing)
Keropok Lekor: RM5.00 (5 pieces)
Kuih: RM2.00 (8 pieces)
Sata: RM2.00 (5 pieces)
Ice Tea: RM2.00 (2 person)

Total: RM17.50 (for 3 person)

Last but not least, Thanks to Edmund, our Kuantan friend for being a wonderful guide during our trip in Kuantan and my travel mate, Christopher for the photos. 

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