JB Heritage Walk: Tan Hiok Nee Street, Johor Bahru

Visiting Tan Hiok Nee Street was a very interesting experience for me and we was here twice on the same day. Our first time here was around 12.00pm and we were wondering why most of the shops are close. We assumed that today is Saturday or maybe those shops are no more in operation. In fact, this street is quieter than the busy Jonker Street in Melaka and the only fancy things for me was the old Chinese style buildings along the lane.

Red colour building at one corner of Tan Hiok Nee Street

Historically, Tan Hiok Nee is a Chinese traders who was rewarded with title of "Chinese Major" by Sultan Abu Bakar, Johore Sultan on year 1870. Subsequently, he was rewarded with title Dato' from the Sultan too. He was started as a textile supplier and was controlling the market during the time. Next, he involved in black pepper and gambier plantation along Johore river, from Kota Tinggi to Tebrau Straits. He also the leader for Ngee Heng Kongsi from 1863 to 1873

Just snapped this because it stated my name

Back to hotel after finishing our day city tracking, I have a quick chat with the hotel receptionist about where we have been today. I asked her about why everything was closed at Tan Hiok Nee Street? She told me that most of the shops on the lane only open at night. With that in mind, we decided to explore Tan Hiok Nee Street again tonight to witness the scene.

After having dinner at Meldrum Street, we continue our journey to pass the Jalan Segget before heading to Tan Hiok Nee Street for second time. Surprise! Surprise! The quietness on last afternoon was 100% changed to be more happening with street sellers, old folks singing karaoke, singing folks from music school, fancy coffee shops and restaurants which made us very excited.

The arch of Tan Hiok Nee Street and the night market

The photo above is the arching gate of Tan Hiok Nee Street. Start from here to the end, there is a daily flea market which you can find some clothing, savories, pets, souvenir and many more. 

Student singing with old building as their backdrop

Another side of the building

The photo above is students from music school singing and playing instruments to promote their school. I really like the building behind which is a very nice backdrop for the show. The second photo is another shot of the building from a different angle.

Mariners Cafe, Tan Hiok Nee Street

Dapur Jendela Restaurant, Tan Hiok Nee Street

A double storey wooden cafe at Tan Hiok Nee Street

The first photo above is Malay Restaurant, Marina Cafe followed by Dapur Jendela Restaurant and the third photo is a very unique 2 storey wooden cafe.

Christopher Lim
We didn't go to Mariners Cafe because the place look so quiet during the time. At first, we just feel amazed with the outlook of Dapur Jendela Restaurant which is very unique with its Malay touch for the interior design. Eventhough we still full from previous eating out at Meldrum Road, the menu and environment of this Dapur Jendela Restaurant make us to decide to have some boiled tapioca and Malay pancake here. 

We didn't go to the double storey cafe too. Its a bit pricey with a serving of fried rice will cost you RM10. Its expensive for me, but for someone who are looking for something different, that might be for you. 

Thanks to my travel mate, Christopher Lim for all great photos. You can LIKE his photography page at 祥發 Photography for more photos and sharing. Haha. Normally I didn't do any close up about him, but here we go, a very sweet friend of mine and I am really supporting his passion and ambition to be a somebody in photography industry.  

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