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Ho Chiak Moment: Open Air Eating Out Place behind the Court Mammoth Puchong Jaya

Hello friend, how are you doing? It has been awhile since my last entry to this blog. Besides, I am so busy with my other blog called Siang Huat Inspirations


Anyway, today I would like to share about the place that I went for dinner recently. The location is in Puchong Jaya or to be exact, it is located behind the Court Mammoth Puchong Jaya branch (in a piece of square land of Jalan Kenari 9 & Jalan Kenari 10).

This place is open daily (excluding Chinese New Year holiday) and I would say, most of the foods here are non-halal. It opened from 6pm and tentatively close at 1am daily. What so good about this place, it is a open space eating out place with various choices of Penang foods (mostly). Since I am from Penang, eating out here more or less reduce my homesick feeling to the eating out scene in Penang. 

I would recommend you to come here in between 6.30pm to 7.30pm when the weather is just nice, as for me, seeing the sky slowly …