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Room For Rent in Puchong Jaya & Why you Should to Stay Here?

This is our apartment and we are looking for a housemate. But before that, here are the reasons why you should stay in Puchong Jaya or particularly in Sutramas Apartment.

Sutramas Apartment Room For Rent Persiaran Puchong Jaya Selatan Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong 47100. Selangor, Malaysia
Reason No.1: We are just a 10 minutes walking from IOI Mall Puchong. All the things that you need are here from AEON Store, GSC Cinema, Popular Bookstore, fast food restaurants, Chatime, petshop and many more.

Reason No.2: We are just 5 minutes driving to SetiaWalk at Persiaran Wawasan or in another word, behind our house. In here, they have TGV Cinema, lots and lots of Asian & western restaurants, Celebrity Fitness, Escape Room, karaoke centre, RedTick supermarket (much better than Tesco) and also some cool bars for evening chill out with your friends.

Reason No.3: We are just 8 minutes driving to Tesco Extra Puchong. Why 8 minutes? It is because of this Tesco is located on the opposite side of the Se…

Apom Chooi of Jalan Burmah Penang, Malaysia

We were at Tanjung Bungah buying our favourite banana & yam fritter  and as usual, we will immediately post my activities on my facebook. Then, my friend, Lili suggested that we should waze for Apom Chooi and try it. But before that, we continue our journey to Pasar Air Itam to have some Assam Laksa and next we were 'wazing' to Jalan Burmah to finf this Apom Chooi.

It is very easy because this Apom Chooi place was really available on waze (I thought Lili was joking). When we arrived, it is just a small stall and there are customers drop by to take away the Apom. If you don't know what is Apom, it is kind of pancake and this one is a Nyonya style with apom batter which consisted of egg, rice milk, coconut milk, shredded coconut flesh and sugar. This apom didn't use flour which it can harden the apom skin (source:

This Apom is extremely smooth and will melt in your mouth. The ripe banana in the middle of the Apom is just simple enhanced the taste of t…

Almost Everywhere in Vietnam: Noodles & More Noodles

When you think of noodles in Vietnam, the first dish that probably comes to mind is pho. While pho is incredible—I never get tired of eating it—there are tons of other amazing noodle-based dishes to discover, too. Here are the ten best that I came across during this year's trip; any one of them could give pho a run for its money.

MI QUANG The fresh rice noodles used in this dish from Hoi An are similar to fettuccine in size and you can get them in white or yellow—the only difference between the two is the addition of turmeric powder to the batter. There are many different variations but I prefer the one with pork, shrimp, and a broth sweetened by tomatoes. It's garnished with grilled rice crackers, lettuce, and herbs.

I would like to announce a full credit given to the originator of this article as below details. I am truly inspiring with the writer's way of describing the savouriness of those…