Close Up: Malaysia's CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2013

It was 7.00pm and there are beauties started to queue at the entrance of Stage Club, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the sizzling and hot occasion of Malaysian's CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2013 Grand Finale Party.

Well, I will let the photo speak by itself. The club's floor was crowded with ladies screaming to their favorite bachelors whenever the MC's mentioning their name. Anyway, congratulation to Nicholas Mak for winning the title of CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor for year 2013. Hopefully, he will carry his responsible to be a role model for men out there to have a winning personalities. 

What's Happening?

The Most Eligible Bachelor: Nicholas Mak
The Brightest Bachelor: Gibson Yee
The Mane Bachelor: Dennis Yin
The Most Clickable Bachelor: Mark O Dea

Opening act by a dance crew
The MC pairs, Zher and Prem from Fly FM Radio
2012 CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor and CLEO Malaysia Editor during opening speech
First Bachelors and Ladies Game. Arranging word Nano White which the alphabet is in the balloon and they have to break it by using their "biggest ass-et"
Second Bachelors and Ladies Game. Throwing balls into bucket to collect REDKEN word
Final Bachelors & Ladies Game: Shifting Hula-hoop from each person without touching it 
Beat boxer performance by one of the Bachelor, Cody Foo
Performance from the Bachelor, Kyren Thomas
Final performance from the Bachelors. From left: Fazrin Zainudin, Mark O Dea, Dennis Yin & Nicholas Mak. Not to surprise, all four of them are in entertainment and creative field. Super talented!
We want more! The girls "I believe so" start to scream at this point
Playing, Dennis Yin (left) and Nicholas Mak (right)
Duo performance from Dennis Yin (left) and Faiz Zainudin (right) 
"Abs grinding" from the duo
The Brightest Bachelor: Gibson Yee
The Mane Bachelor: Dennis Yin (Right)
The Most Clickable Bachelor: Mark O Dea (Right) and CLEO Editor (Left)
CLEO The Most Eligible Bachelor 2013, Nicholas Mak (centre)
The Winner & The Champagne 
The Winner and the Bachelors

The Beauties & The Guests

The Bachelors on YouTube

More Photos

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