Ho Chiak Tampin: Chinese Foods in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan

It is always good to travel with my mate Christopher because we didn't limit ourselves to just visiting Muslim restaurant only. Most of the time, when we visit small towns in Malaysia, Chris will compulsory himself to drop by to one or two Chinese restaurant to sample local Chinese foods there.

Even though some restaurant might sell Wantan Mee or Hokkien Me, Chris said that each place come with different style of cooking as well as different kind of touch to the foods. So, the first Chinese food that we stopped  by was located at 1st floor of Pulau Sebang Bus & Taxi Station complex at the heart of Tampin town. 

Sadly, there are only 2 stalls open here. I have no idea why. Chris ordered a small serving of Wantan Mee. It come with 3 sizes which is small, regular and big. Once the food delivered, surprise-surprise because the serving was so big and it only cost us RM3 for 1 serving. We also ordered herbal tea at price RM0.50 which is very reasonable. 

If you are looking for Chinese food court, the Yeow Chen Food Court is located slightly hidden from the main road but you can easily find this place if you are walking from the Pulau Sebang Bus & Taxi Station. The food court concept is almost the same like other Chinese food courts in Malaysia with many small stalls and drink seller standby to serve the customers. Here are some photos for you to have a look.

We dropped by to another hidden Chinese restaurant while explore Tampin town. I will share about it real soon because now I am so sleepy to continue my sharing. Stay tune and cheers. 


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