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Day 1 Kota Kinabalu: CNY Night Market, Bath Towel Hunting & Laksa Yee Fung

After having dinner, we walked back to Jalan Gaya which the Chinese New Year  (short formed as CNY) night market was held. It was very exciting to see a quiet street on the afternoon now turn to be crazy with so many people. Yes. They are local and tourist here.

The venue for this night market was at the same place of  Gaya Street Morning Market tomorrow. It was very long with people selling foods, drinks, some clothing for women & kids and also men selling USB for mobile phone. They are cakes, dimsum, Vietnamese Banh Mi, sweets, wholesales of soft drinks, cheap shoes and many more.

I am so excited to explore every stall here and see if there are anything unique which I hardly can find in Semenanjung (Peninsular Malaysia). Oh ya! Besides that, we are also looking for bath towel in the market. This is because our cheap hostel don't provide bath towel, or if we want to have one, we need to rent for it. So, we decided to buy our own. But unfortunately, we unable to get any bath …

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu - Around KK Town, Awesome Bakso & The Seafood

Hopefully you can read my previous entry about our delicious brunch at Dah Hin Kartini Restaurant in my earlier post. So, after few hours nap, we wake up and prepare ourselves to explore Kota Kinabalu town before the sunset.

I was at Wisma Merdeka 6 years back and I can say this shopping mall is about to die. But, when I am here, I saw that it full with customers with many unique tenant mix. Besides, there are many other new developments too such as the Suria Shopping Mall which is located about 10 minutes walking from Wisma Merdeka. For your info, Wisma Merdeka is one of the oldest shopping mall and in Sabah and it is surviving with the rapidness of commercial development in Kota Kinabalu town.

Then, we walk to the waterfront or some call it as Todak Waterfront which is referring to a Todak fish figure located at the roundabout nearby this waterfront. It was such a windy day with I can't stop to took some selfies and wefies.

Next, we went to the market/food stalls next to the To…

Day 1 Kota Kinabalu - Dah Hin Kartini Restaurant & Stay In Lodge, Jalan Gaya

One we arrived from Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu International Airport by using the airport shuttle bus service, we are opt to hunt for our breakfast. Yes, our very first meal in Sabah. Chris were asking for Chinese food, but my hungry stomach decided, anything quick will do.

Earlier, we passed a restaurant with name Dah Hin Kartini which is located at Jalan Bandaran which is another road from our hostel at Jalan Gaya. So, after arrive at Padang Merdeka (the last stop for shuttle bus), we walk to the restaurant before checking in to our hostel.

The Dah Hin Kartini restaurant do have a lot of local customers which make us believe that we are choosing a right place for our first meal in Kota Kinabalu. So, we ordered 2 servings of Soto Ayam (Noodle with Chicken Broth), 

Our Soto Ayam was really3x delicious. Perfect soup and a lot of noodles and shredded chicken inside. Done with our Soto Ayam, my eyes were drooling to a serving of  Rojak Mee (Noodle with Peanut Sauce). So, we ordered one for u…

Day 1 in Kota Kinabalu - Airport Shuttle Bus vs Local Mini Bus

Hello everyone. Finally I have new material to write in my blog after being idle for quiet sometimes. To be honest, I did not do so much travelling during year 2014. I mostly spent my time with my office job as well as strategizing my home decor business.

So, on last 14th February 2015, me and my mate Christopher took a chance to have 4 days visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. We took AirAsia first flight at 6.45am and thanks to my brother Hafiz and his girlfriend for sending us to KLIA2. 

We touched down to Kota Kinabalu International Airport (KKIA) at 9.17am and the weather was just perfect for our vacation. Just for your info, our AirAsia flight landed at Terminal 2 which is specially catered for low cost airplanes. 

Once we done with the immigration matters, we walked to the arrival hall and the Airport Shuttle bus counter was just right at the left side of the airport, next to a 24 hours convenience store (I can't remember the name). Easy clue, please look for a blue colour booth as …