JB Escape: Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim, Johor Bahru

Sultan Ibrahim Building is the administrative building for Johor states government. The unique architecture of the building and the location on top of Timbalan Hill gave a very special identity to this historical bulding besides one of the landmark of Johor Bahru territory. The construction of this building was on the order of Johore Sultan, DYMM Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim, since the Johor administrative centre moving from Teluk Belanga, Singapore to Tanjung Puteri (now Johor Bahru) on 1866, the government still didn't have any official building. With the construction of this building, all government offices will be located under one roof, which will make everybody feel easy whenever they have matters with government. 

The front side of Sultan Ibrahim Building

The close up of Johor Logo at the main entrance of the building
The idea of constructing this building was started on 1929, but was put one hold on 1930 due to economic crisis. On 1937, the building plan which designed by Messrs Palmer and Turner was accepted and agreed. On 7th November 1938, Johore Crown Prince, YAM Tunku Ismail agree to officially breaking the ground as a sign of the construction will begin. On 10th March 1940, YAM Johore Crown Prince once again agree to complete the the ceremony of putting foundation stone of the building, which the prayer was lead by Johor State Musfti, Tuan Syed Alwi.

The main Entrance of Sultan Ibrahim Building

On 1941, the construction work for this buidling was distracted because of the World War II in Malaya. The war had damage part of the constructed building which the wall that facing Tebrau Straits was damage because of the cannon hits from Singapore. After the war ended, the Messrs United Engineers and Ah Hong & Co continued the project under supervision of architect Messrs Palmer and Turner. On 1942, the 11th floor building with cost RM2,000,000 was completed.

The combination of Malay architecture, Islamic and colonial really make this building unique. At the front side (centre of the building), there is a painting on 8 stars which referred to 8 districts in Johore. At the entrance of the building, you can see curving of cloves and piper at the pillars which referred to the main economic source of Johor long time ago.

The building from far sight

On 3rd November 1942, selected government offices relocated to this new building. Besides allocating state government offices, this building is the place for Johor States parliamentary meeting venue. To remember the late Almarhum Sultan Ibrahim, the buidling was announced as Sultan Ibrahim Building on 9th August 1982.

Until today, the building is still proudly standing on top of Timbalan Hill as the house of several Johore government's offices. 

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Photography by: Christopher Lim
Photography FB Fan Page: http://bit.ly/SiangHuat

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