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Kampung Baru is a very popular eating place especially for the Malay of Malaysia. Not to surprise, this Kampung Baru is the oldest Malay village in Kuala Lumpur and I believe the biggest Malay community area as well. As usual, my weekend activity is to explore places around the country to find places for good foods, historical visit or appreciating any awesome architectures in the area. I am yet to write full cover of Kampung Baru, but now I am so delighting to share about the first Malay restaurant that we drop by in Kampung Baru.

We arrived to Kampung Baru by LRT and remember, you need to turn to the left from the LRT station until you will see a T-junction with the old Kampung Baru flat on your right. We arrived around 4.00pm and suddenly our eyes was directed to the Malay restaurant in front of us. There are so many people up for something there and the crowd was come and go. 

The front side of Chunburi Restaurant

Varieties of Malay kuih

To clear up our curiosities, we decided to check it out and wow, a lot of traditional Malay sweet snacks we in front of our eyes. The colours were so tempting and it come with a very reasonable price, RM1 for 3 pieces. 

This Malay Restaurant's name is Chunburi (the name was referred to a district in Thailand, a city which is 1 hour distance driving from Bangkok). Well, I can say that Thai food and Tomyam are the long time signature of Kampung Baru. This Chunburi Restaurant is fully operated by Kelantanese (based on the staff Kelantan thick accent) and most of the customer crowd here are the Malay. 

A serving of Nasi Dagang with Curry Tuna and cucumber

On another sides of this restaurant, Nasi Dagang, or previously I described as "Trade Rice" and Nasi Kerabu is also available for you to choose. The best idea to have Nasi Dagang is with Curry Tuna on top and some vegetables. Our serving cost us RM4.50 for a plate of rice and the curry.

A serving of Sticky Rice & Mango
As for dessert, Christopher choose to have the Mango with Sticky Rice. This serving cost us RM5.00 (Expensive) as in my mind calculation, 1kg of mango is just RM2.00 at nearby market. Anyway, we were not disappointed because the portion is OK with half slices of the mango, sticky rice, coconut milk on top with sprinkles of sesame seeds.   

Besides having ready foods like Nasi Dagang and Nasi Kerabu, you also can order hot foods such as Tomyam Seafood, fried noodles or fried rice too. The price here is very reasonable as literarily, Kampung Baru is the only place in  town which is traditionally affordable and the favorite among Malay students for hang out of cheap foods. 

The Chunburi Restaurant

Overall, this Chunburi Restaurant had finely welcome us to Kampung Baru and this good start encourage us to explore more corners of this area for foods and history appreciation. 

Thanks again to Christopher for more delighting photos during this food hunting. please LIKE his photography page at 祥發 Photography for more photos and sharing. 


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