Thursday, 25 September 2014

Perhentian Kuih Kampung, Ujong Pasir, Malacca

Hi Guys. If you are in Melaka and lost somewhere nearby Portuguese Settlement in Ujong Pasir, maybe you should drop by at 'Perhentian Kuih Kampung' or literally called as 'Village Savories Stop'. This place come with a 'warong' konsep  and specifically located a stone throw away from the Areena De Luxe Hotel. GPS: 2.1823781 , 102.2891314

What so special about this place/ This is like a heaven for someone who love to enjoy Malay traditional sweets and savories (kuih). There various choices of kuih such as Kuih Keria, Karipap, Kuih Cara, Buah Melaka, Apam and many more. There are also a ready packed Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice with sambal) and Fried Vermicelli too. 

In other section, customer can order other foods such as Asam Pedas Melaka, fried foods, fried popiah and also grilled chicken wings. Another good point about this place is, all those kuih come with a reasonable price and the food taste was okay. Seriously, I won't say the best, but acceptable and where else you get a place with such a huge selection of foods, open air and you can have a good time with your friends and family while enjoying your meals. 

There are non stop of customer in and out  from this place and this is to prove this Perhentian Kuih Kampung is really famous. The only problem is to park your car. But I am lucky because managed to park ours just right in front of the warung. My camera on smartphone was out of battery during my visit here. I only able to snap the first photo above and the rest was taken by my mate, Christopher. 

Last Night Dinner at Kimchi Haru, IOI Boulevard Puchong

I was not feeling well last night and not in the mood of cooking. So, me and my housemate walk around nearby our neighborhood area in Puchong Jaya to see what we can have for dinner. 

Finally, we decided to have our dinner at Kimchi Haru in IOI Boulevard Puchong. Actually this is our second time here and honestly, Korean food is not really my favorite. But it is fine, since I am too damn hungry, I will just swallow everything.

My mate Chris ordered a set of Jeongol Chicken for 2 pax with Date and Peach juice for us. What is Jeongol Chicken, our meal consisted of slices hot dog, noodle, beef, kimchi and spicy soup. On the side, they serve us 2 bowls of rice and some other vege stuffs. 

For the first time, I think I will love this Korean food. I am not so sure if I am too hungry last night. I love the spiciness, the freshness of the kimchi and the flavour of the slices sausages. 

There are a lot more to try from the menu and I will definitely come again. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I Support Malaysian Product: The Loaf Bakery, Malaysia

Hi guys. It has been awhile since my very last entry in this blog. Thanks to my mate Christopher for some of his article which mostly related about Chinese foods in town. So bare in mind, some of the postings in this blog consist of non-halal foods which is solely through his own experience. Well, I can consider this as a sharing blog between me and my mate. So, after this I will put an additional remark on top of my blog entry to stated if the food is halal or not. So please, don't misinterpret it because my blog readers are universal. 

Okay, for this time, I won't mumble so much since I just need to warm up myself. But I love highlight something here. With so many issues about boycotting the Isra-hell supporter's product, I in person don't really into the boycott things. First, I don't really enjoy McDonald burgers and Starbuck drinks are too sweet for me. What else? Nestle product... after reviewing items in my fridge, there are none of my cooking items with 'Nestle' tag. 

Why? I am truly support Malaysian product and this time I will share about one of the Malaysian product that i am truly supported. I love to have coffee at Tun Mahathir's The Loaf especially at the Avenue K outlet. I love the bun smell here and any bun with red bean filling will be my favorite. And recently i went to another outlet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and to surprise me, they served foods... I mean, a real foods like Laksa, Prawn Mee, Siamese Noodle and many other local foods. So, let me stop here and share with you more photos from my previous moment in The Loaf Avenue K and The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

I love Malaysia and I support Malaysia products. 

From Up left: News Letter about The Loaf by Malaysia former Prime Minister, Tun M, Up right: Prawn Noodle & Down right, my always choice of Cappuccino. The photos was taken when I met my client at The Loaf Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

Me and my twin at The Loaf Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur