Dinner at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, KLCC

It was a celebration for my new job with a company since I come back to Malaysia last 5 months ago. After texting to my mate Christopher, we decided to meet at KL Sentral before leaving to the Petronas Twin Tower or locally called as KLCC for a nice dinner to celebrate my new job.

At first, I was thinking of going to have dinner either at Chili's or The Chakri Palace and enjoy the nice city view from the restaurant glass wall. But unfortunately, we don't have any reservation (its was Tuesday and I don't expect the restaurant is full) and so we have to scrap the idea. Finally, we decided to try Japanese foods in Yuzu Restaurant.

It was 8pm and the restaurant was 80% occupied with local and expat guests. The menu was "huge" with varieties of foods in colour and tempting presentation. We ordered 2 cans of Sapporo Beer (normally I prefer to have this Japanese beer whenever eat Japanese foods) before making any decision on our dinner meals. 

Finally we ordered, Salmon Flake Salad, followed by Norway Roll and Deep Fried Maki for our sushi, Ishiyaki Chicken Teri, Ishiyaki Garlic Rice and 2 servings of Chawan Mushi for our dessert.  

I am not going to give you a detail review for each foods. But in general, the foods here were fresh and delicious. Our Salmon Flake Salad arrived to our table few minutes after ordering which was real quick. After 5 minutes, our first sushi, the Norway Roll coming followed by Deep Fried Maki minutes later. Our both sushi sets were very nice. I can't say it was the best, as I am not a sushi lover. Presentation wise, it was just like in other Japanese restaurant. But for me, it was good enough.

Nearly done with our sushi, our Ishiyaki Garlic Rice and Ishiyaki Chicken Teri was delivered to our table (the truth is we were very full because of the salad and sushi). The chicken was layered with Teriyaki sauce which is my favorite. On the side, we ordered additional 2 bowls of Miso Soup to compliment with the Ishiyaki Garlic Fried Rice which was a bit dry. 

As for dessert, we ordered 2 servings of Chawan Mushi. I used to have a good one when living in Vietnam. But as for Yuzu, I am not really recommend you to have it, unless you really want to try or to know how does it taste a like. 

Ka Ching! This simple dinner cost us RM199 (RM37 are 6% GST and 10% Service Charge) which is very reasonable for KLCC (the location) and the food was reasonably delicious. 

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
Lot 412, level 4, Ramle Mall
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603.2161 4176
Fax: +603.2161 4169
Email: yuzu.jr.klcc@gmail.com

Operation hour:
Monday - Sunday (11.30am - 10.00pm)


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