Flash Back: Segamat Town & the Bus Station

Do you know where is Segamat? I believe many of us not even know the existing of this district. I was born in Batu Pahat and grew up in Segamat and this beautiful district kept a lot of my childhood memories. We did everything here, from "my back to school" shopping to our family's Hari Raya preparation, and going to air-conditioned shopping mall like Matahari or Fajar was an awesome childhood experience for me during the time.

Last General Election 2013 brought me back to this town. I just on my transit from Kuala Lumpur and changing another bus to Kuantan in Segamat. So, I am unable to explore much here, but I promised to myself to come back soon and let people know about my place, my Segamat.

Fact about Segamat

Segamat is a district which is located in the north part of Johor which is bordering to Negeri Sembilan and Pahang. Segamat is the main town in this district followed by Labis as the second largest town. Besides, this town also a very important east coast connection point via Kuantan - Segamat Highway or called as Tun Abdul Razak Highway and also the main road to the south of Malaysia.

According to history, Segamat name was originally founded by the  combination of two words, Segar-Amat (Literally very fresh) which during that time, Segamat river is a very important water transportation hub and also a pits stop for traveller or traders to take a rest.

Now, the district is a very important plot for the Johor economic growth especially in commercial agriculture sector such as palm oil and rubber plantation by FELDA & FELCRA. Besides, Segamat also very famous with fruits and the tourism tagline for this district is, "Selamat Datang ke Segamat - Tanah Raja Buah-buahan" or literally "Welcome to Segamat - The land of King of fruits"

Segamat town is the 5th largest town in Johor state with population over 100,000 and it was divided into 2 parts by Segamat River.
  • Uptown - This is the centre and and official town of Segamat with administrative and government offices.
  • Crosstown - Located at another side of Segamat river. There are many shopping places for Segamat people.
  • Main Town - Its a new city next to Segamat river which called as the city of new era with hotels, commercial complex and some government departments.
  • Textile town - Other than Nilai in Negeri Sembilan, Segamat also a centre of textile. Big wholesaler such as Jakel and Rejinah Store are among the famous textile entrepreneur in this town.
Okay, enough with serious reading and facts! Its time for my story

My Old Time & the Change in Segamat Bus Station

When I was a kid (maybe 20 years ago), the Segamat bus station was a very crowded place with people, express and local buses, taxis and people waiting for the trains. This is because the old bus station is located in between Segamat Railway Station and the old Segamat Hospital. It was truly crowded when many Segamat people still reply on public transportation and having a Proton Wira on that time was like owning a luxury car. 

What else, the smell of "Kacang Kukus" from the Indian sellers was really tempting and still in my mind too. Besides, there are Chinese fruits and junk foods sellers at another side of the old bus station. For those people who don't know, in our Malaysian culture, we have a "buah tangan" culture which referred to, whenever you are visiting you friends of family, you can't be empty handed. So, bus station is one of the option if you are in hurry to get any "buah tangan". 

Yoe Hoe Bus and Segamat - Muar Bus. Existed since I small

Oh ya! I have a car sick problem too! I really cannot stand with the taxi smell, plus no air condition too (errrr). During time, Segamat was a very busy and crowded town when all FELDA and FELCRA plantation projects was on going and people from the settlement for a "better" shopping was in Segamat. 

Now! After few times of changing (death and re-born), Segamat Bus Station  has back to life. Maybe it is not as crowded as during my old time, but the business is still there. The existing of One Segamat Shopping Centre in a way helped to give a new breath to the bus station. Other famous busines outlets such as Old Town White Coffee, UO Superstore, Kamdar textile and Popular Bookstore was here too. After many years since the Cathay Cinema at Sri Genuang closed, now Segamat people can enjoy watching movie at Lotus Five Stars Cinama in the shopping mall as well. 

New, the 1 Segamat Shopping Mall. See the Old Town White Coffee, UO Superstore, Lotus Five Star Cinema and many more inside here

My other Highlight

I know this is ridiculous, I supposed to leave to Kuantan at 1.45pm but the bus only arrived around 4.00pm due to heavy traffic on highway (all people were going back to their hometown for General Election 2013). So, while waiting for 2 hours (its freaking hot here and 2 finished our 2 bottles of drinking water) me and my mate, Christopher was repeating to buy the Keropok Lekor (Fish Fritters) from a vendor near platform 9 at the bus station. 

Its only RM1.00 for 4 pieces of fish fritter and WOW! that was one of my best Keropok Lekor in my life. Each time, we bought RM1.00 and the food vendor keep asking us to buy it more. While waiting for the bus, we came back to the vendor again for more finally, we spent RM8.00 for 32 pieces of fish fritter.

The food and beverages vendor at platform 9 Segamat Bus Station

This Keropok Lekor was RM1 for 4 pieces

What else? The food court at second floor was still in operation. I don't see any Chinese foods there, I am not sure if the demand is low or maybe more Chinese foods options are available in the One Segamat Shopping Centre.

Malay foods at second floor of Segamat Bus Station

I will come back to Segamat again before the Fasting Month for local food hunting and historical tracking. There are a lot to catch up with my beloved  childhood town. Maybe Segamat is not a place for me to stay, but once in awhile, this quiet town can a good escape for me from the "chaos" KL. 

As always, thanks for my travel mate, Christopher for never feel tired to snap a lot of photos for me during this trip. Please LIKE his photography page at 祥發 Photography for more photos and sharing.


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