Kampung Baru Eating Out: Satay Padang of Restaurant Rose

What do you know about Satay Padang? or some called it as Satay Minang? If you are familiar with the Malaysian satay, having Satay Padang will give a different experience for you in terms of the aroma, taste and texture.

This satay was originally from West Sumatra and made from beef which cut into small sizes. The different between Satay Padang and Malaysian Satay is the sauce. Unlike Malaysian version, the Satay Padang sauce is in yellow colour which made from the mixture of turmeric, garlic, coriander, galangal root, curry powder, salt and rice flour. But in Malaysia, a lot of Satay Padang use not only beef, but also chicken and lamb.

Kampung Baru is one of the best place to find this Satay Padang. For this article, I am choosing Rose Restaurant for my first Satay Padang. This restaurant is located at Jalan Raja Muda Alang  (Opposite to Garuda Restaurant) before heading to the Chow Kit night market. In this area, you can see many other restaurant selling Padang or Minang foods such as Bakso, Soto and many other foods. 

In this restaurant, the satay come in various sets, depends on how many people of you. We ordered one set of it which consisted of 5 sticks of satay with sauce on top and 4 slices of stuffed rice. The taste was truly different compared to the normal satay that I used to eat. Unlike peanut sauce of Malaysia satay which is in red or brown colour and very peanuty, this Satay Padang sauce will give you a strong taste of herbs and a bit spicy. 

Besides having satay, you also can order other foods such as Bakso, Soto or Nasi Padang, a kind of Indonesia style mixed rice. This is my first time to enjoy this kind of Satay and I like it. Yet, i still cannot say if this is the best until I tried other Satay Padang in other places. But still, this Satay Padang is one of my like.

Thanks again to Christopher for more delighting photos during this food hunting. please LIKE his photography page at 祥發 Photography for more photos and sharing.  

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