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Will Vietnam Allow the Same-Sex Marriage?

The door will slowly open for LGBT community in Vietnam to be paired, legally living together, having the same rights and enjoy equal obligation like a heterosexual couple. LGBT is a term which refers to four sexuality group: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. According to scientist, LGBT is not a disease, and the people do not need any treatment if he or she felt under the category.
According to a survey, each country will have a variation of 1% to 9% of LGBT people out from the total population. However, there is no formal survey about LGBT in Vietnam and if we choose 3% from total Vietnam’s population (55.38million), about 1.65 million Vietnamese are in LGBT group.
Mr. Nicholas Booth, a policy advisor on Rule of Law & Access to Justice of United Nation (UN) Development Programme in a workshop shared about UN’s experience and perspective about LGBT community. He travelled to many countries just to deliver a positive message about the ideology of United Nation about LGBT socie…

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013 - Saigon New Year Outing?

If you are living in Vietnam, major cities in the country now is flourishing with beautiful lights, flowers, decoration and major entertainment. If you still don't have any specific plan about where to go on new year evening, here are some suggestion for you.
"Được là chính mình”Theatre Play
Watching "Duc La Chinh Minh" or "Be Yourself" play. This homosexual theme play was rapidly played in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from May until September this year. On the occasion of 2013 New Year Celebration, this play will be brought back for a free show in several universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Dak Lak from 24th December 2012 until 3rd January 2013.

Vietnam Dog ShowIf you are a dog lover, you may go to Phu Tho Outdoor Stadium at No.1 Lu Gia Street, District 11 on 29th until 30th December 2012. There is a competition which will be participated by over 150 dogs to win the "Vietnam's Best Dog" and "World Best Dog" title. This event was called…

10 LGBT's remarkable activities in Vietnam for 2012

Year 2012 is an exciting year especially for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Vietnam. There are many activities which aimed to unite the people and to fight for an equality right for LGBT community without any discrimination towards the people’s sexual orientation or gender.

There are a lot of campaign and LGBT oriented activities was organized in Vietnam such as the plan to revise the Marriage Law (same –sex marriage for homosexual), transgender right in Vietnam, dialogue between corporate, the Government, lawmakers and LGBT rights organization and many more activities.
1. The Revision Plan of Same Sex Marriage

The Vietnamese Government had officially on the go with the study to legalize the marriage between two people of the same sex. On May 2012, the Ministry of Justice had issued a written opinion letter on the legalization of marriage between two people of the same sex to the Social Issues Committee of National Assembly of Vietnam. On October 2012, the gov…

WorkOut Just Like a Vietnamese

Vietnamese are very sensible about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Besides taking a good care of their day-to-day diet, exercising also become a part of their routine. One my first year living in Vietnam, I am surprised when many youngsters consume alcohol regularly and always go out for eating out with buddies. But in the meantime, they still look fit and healthy.

The exercise activity in Vietnam will start as early as 4.00am in the park by old generation doing “quick walk” before young generation will present at 6.30am for aerobic dancing, playing badminton or street soccer “Home-Self” Gym ToolsHigh income Vietnamese normally can invest themselves for a good quality of “home-self gym”. Big space is to place workout machines or tools besides giving relaxed-environment while working out. These workout machines can be purchased from workout equipment centre in town and it will cost you around VND10,000,000 to VND50,000,000 each. In the meantime, young Vietnamese who can’t afford to buy p…

Be a Minority Muslim in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

Be a minority Muslim in a dominant Buddhism country can be a real challenge for the religion follower especially in Vietnam. I am living in Vietnam, particularly in Ho Chi Minh City since 5 years ago and most of my Muslim friends in home country will ask me about my adaptability factor toward the difference of culture, food consuming and other Muslim's necessities. 
Since 10 years ago, Vietnam had witnessed numbers or Muslim expatriates come to this country and work in professional sectors. Besides, the native Muslim Champ people in Vietnam had rejoiced Islam as a minority religion and flourishing the Mosque as a holy worshiping place. 
I used to live with a Vietnamese adopted family on 2010 and observed their mind-set about Muslim. The family will follow evening news on VTV daily and one of the news is the about the American-Islamic conflict in Iraq which more and less portraying Muslim as a terrorist and dangerous religion. If you are Muslim and your local colleague asking somethi…

Saigon Expat’s Night Out

Living in Saigon as an expatriate might be boring if you choose to be at home after work. No matter if you are Asian or Westerner, it is very common to extend the business deal from office to “night out entertainment”. Other than to strengthen the business relationship, at least they can retreat that homesick feeling with clients and friends.

If you are staying in Saigon, this is a buzzing city for business people and youngsters with non-sleep entertainment.

Business DinnerBusiness meetings in offices normally will be continued to entertainment dinner with the client in fine restaurant in town. Sometimes, there are matters which not suitable to talk about during formal meeting can be appropriated to talk during after work activities. It is a normal evening scene along Le Thanh Ton street and Ngo Van Nam street when Japanese businessmen starts to feel in all the Japanese restaurants. At another corners, westerners normally will head up to tapas or western restaurant such as Pacharan Rest…

How not to be scammed by the taxi mafia in Vietnam?

When you come to Vietnam the first time, all the new impressions will be overwhelming for you! However, things you naturally see, do and you are used to will differently be done in Vietnam. So you should carefully watch how Vietnamese do everyday things. When you arrive at the airport either in Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh city, you will need to take a taxi to your hotel. Taking a taxi might be a normal business in your home countries, in Vietnam it isn’t. Vietnam is a nice country with many friendly and lovely people. But there are also some people who only like you because of your money. And taxi drivers are among them – at least, people who pretend to be a taxi driver. When you walk out of the airport, after a ten to fifteen hours flight, tired and really groggy, wanting nothing more than a hot shower, some food and some sleep, you will certainly try to get away from Noi Bai Airport or Tan Son Nhat as fast as you can. Most visitors therefore get a taxi. But when the door opens, dozens of V…

Tip-Top Transgender Traveller

Everybody love to travel, but travelling as a transgender can be a nightmare and challenging. The hassle can start since you stepping into the airport at your home country, during arrival at your destination and the acceptance of local people towards transgender traveller. This might sound discrimination, but the fact is, discrimination existed. This article is quick tips for travellers who are flying by flight which at least can speed up your time on board.

Check in Early or Advance Check inNormally when you go to the airport, the check in will be at check in counter which need you to present your ID for check in purposes. To avoid and scrutiny at check in counter, you are advisable to do your own online check in at home and self-print your boarding pass. Optionally, you may avoid the check in counter by choosing Self-check in kiosk which is normally located at departure hall and you may still your own boarding pass. To check in your luggage, normally doesn’t really a big problem and …