Ho Chiak! moment at Cendol Haji Shariff, Seremban

One of my wish-list during my recent trip to Seremban is to enjoy the people spoken, Cendol Haji Shariff which is located at No.44 Jalan Yam Tuan Seremban. It is a mixtures of shaved ice, with coconut milk, green worm-like jelly made from Santan (this is what we call it Cendol) and sugar palm syrup which serve in a aluminium bowl. This Cendol is a very good thirst quencher especially during hot and sunny day. 

In here, they have various kind of Cendol and ABC (another kind of shaved ice) for you to choose. As for me and my mate, we prefer the original version without any other additional topping such as corn or red bean. Luckily, my mate, Christopher managed to quickly snap full Cendol menu on the wall before one of the staff said, "Cannot take photo" - Funny.

Taste wise, I don't feel any different. But i saw that this place drew a lot of multi-racial customers; India, Chinese and Malay. As for me, I love to have it sweeter and I should ask for extra sugar next time. 

Besides Cendol, you also can order a plate of Rojak. A mixture of yellow noodle, egg and fried tofu with a kind of peanuty and milky spicy taste of gravy on top. 

Ka-Ching!!! We spent RM6.10 for 2 person here

2 Bowls of normal Cendol: RM2.60
1 Plate of Rojak : RM3.50

Only one thing that I personally feel funny - or maybe uncomfortable here. Some of the staff's faces were really "tight" and no smile. Plus, I saw the Rojak maker didn't wear glove while preparing the food. So, lets assume they washed their hand before doing anything.

Thanks to my mate, Christopher for the great trip in Seremban. Please LIKE his photography page at 祥發 Photography for more photos and sharing.


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