Kuantan Eating Out: Terminal Satay Zul ... OR... Satay Kajang

Satay oh Satay! All my life, my best satay experience was in my hometown Segamat, made by my En.Zainal, my classmate's father. Till I tried the very famous Satay Kajang, I was thinking that satay was extravagant until I found a new love in Kuantan, and yes! It was the Satay at Terminal Satay Zul.

Immediate after arriving to Kuantan around 8.00pm, our Kuantan friend, Edmund brought us to this Terminal Satay Zul which is located at the junction of Jalan Sisek and Jalan Alor Akar. I did some research about this place earlier and found out that this place is really famous among local and of course, food bloggers. 

Without waiting so long, the food menu was in our hand and we ordered one set of Nasi Impit with cucumber, 7 sticks of beef satay and 7 sticks of chicken stay. Normally, satay stall didn't charge for the Nasi Impit as it will come together with the satay. But, in Terminal Satay Zul was different. One set of nasi Impit consisted 4 pieces of the Nasi Impit with chunk of cucumber and sliced union.

Our satay size was double than the normal satay in any night market in Malaysia, which made me feel so happy with it. Besides, the taste of the beef and the chicken satay was perfectly delicious besides well-marinated in preparation process. They were charging RM0.70 for each stick and I would consider it as reasonable of the kind. Besides the Sambal Kacang dipping sauce was stunning and honestly, I finished it all. 

If to compare this Satay Zul and Satay Kajang, Satay Zul will win in terms of size. Some friends said that the Sambal Kacang at Satay Kajang is more tasty then the one in Satay Kajang. But for me, nothing more I want to say here rather than, IT's DELICIOUS. Besides, from time to time, they have other kind of Satay such as venison, rabbit, liver and other kind as well. 

Ka-Ching!!! We spent RM12.40 for 14 sticks of Satay and 1 Set of  Nasi Impit.

Oh ya! Besides having Satay, the fried foods here were look awesome too. The Chinese family next to our table ordered 2 servings of Mee Goreng Mamak and it was so tempting. What you need to do is to check the menu or ask what is available on the day. 

Thanks to Edmund, our Kuantan friend for being a wonderful guide during our trip in Kuantan and my travel mate, Christopher for the photos. 

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