The "Male Geisha" of Japanese Host Club

What do you know about the Japanese Male Host Club? The word "Host" here is referring to the young Japanese men who are working at nightclubs or car to exclusively serve for women. This host club can be found in many cities of Japan and most dominantly in Shijuku. The host sometimes will browse and talk with stranger who are passing by the street or at station before asking you to follow them or to find them at the host club.

If you are a girl and get caught off with their soft spoken and luring skills to you, you might be turned to be their customers. Or, if you are a guy with a good look and some charms, they might be interested to recruit you as their colleague in the host club. The clue is, when you show some interest or willingness to talk with them, the host will keep talking with you in any topic, as they were trained for that.


Check those videos below for some experience:


How they Work?

Be a male host is one of the best way to upgrade your communication skills, besides having fun with your target customers, the girls. But sometimes, their over-appearance can make some of the girls feel scare too.

So, what are they? and how male host doing their work?

Normally, customers will choose the host from a list or a catalogue which consisted of photos and the host name. Once you have chosen, he will accompany and cheer you up with his skills. In the meantime, there will be a non-stop shots of alcohol drinking for both of you.

The obligation to drink a lot of alcohol always turn to be a source of distress for most of the host. The capability to consume large amount of alcohol is one of the key factor if you want to pursue a long term career as a male host. But still, being able to meet many new people is like a gift for the host. In the meantime, some people describe the male host as someone who look feminine or less masculine and ignorance in real life.

Host can be sometimes overdressed. Anyhow, this is one of their effort to compete in this industry. They have to be different to another host, even sometimes with some unconventional coiffures. Besides, they also have to be physically fit and need to overcome sleep deprivation which can happen almost everyday due to their tight schedule.

After work Services & Presents

How about the relationship between hosts and the customers? The host normally will "chase" their customers even after they leaving the club. Sometimes, the they will ask for the guest contact number for them to follow up or keep in touch with their customer. Don't freak out because that is part of their job task.

As a host, their aim is to live up the customers' expectations. It is not necessary to turn to sexually relationship. However, there are many cases happened when the ladies get obsessed with the ladies and keep sending expensive presents with hopes to have the host as their "boyfriend".

How Much to Spend?

Most of male host bars or clubs come with various packages. Example, in Luxis, at kabuki-cho, Tokyo, first visit will cost you 2000 Yen for 2 hours, all you can drink. If you are foreigner, i would suggest you to go to this Japanese Male Host Club with a local friend. At least someone can help you on the language and to avoid from any unnecessary hidden fees in the house. 

If you want to go for extra mile, below is a life documentary movie of Male Host in Japan.






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