Oh My! Day Out in Bentong

We arrived to Bentong from Kuala Lumpur around 12.00pm and the first thing to do is to find budget hotel in this town. As expected, Bentong is a very quiet town without any high rise building and big malls. There are three main road in this town; Loke Yew Street, Ah Peng Street and Chui Yin Street. 

This is me standing in front of Bentong Bus Station

There are only few hotels available for you to choose in Bentong with price starts from RM45 up to RM150 for one night. After browsing here and there, we decided to check in to Milton Hotel at 101 Chui Yin Street. Our hotel is very basic and I personally will forgive the "cheap hotel smell" because of the price, RM45 for one night. Our room size is about 25sqm with a queen size bed, dressing table, very old TV with only 3 channels and 2 settings. 

Our room at Milton Hotel. RM45/night

It was lunch time, and we went to SHL Restaurant for lunch. Most of the crowds here are family and this restaurant was typically look like other Chinese restaurants. Plastic chairs, big round table, boss at counter and Indonesian workers. If you don't know about what to order, ask for menu; written in Chinese and English.

We ordered Hokkien Mee and Noodle with Crab Meat Broth. The Noodle with Crab Meat Broth was my first time, so I have no comment about it. My mate Christopher said it was delicious. But for me, I don't really like to eat such a thick broth with a "instant noodle" like noodle. 

SHL Restaurant at Chui Yin Street

Noodle with Crab Meat Broth

Next, we tasted our Hokkien Mee and it was a "Hello from Bentong" for us. We ate various kind of Hokkien Mee from many places. The one that we enjoyed here was Bentong style. The noodle size is bigger and have a lot of slices meat inside the portion.

Bentong Style Hokkien Mee

RM12 for 2 big serving of foods, it was totally cheap and give us full energy to explore this Bentong town.

Next, our mission is to walk around the area. Most of the buildings here are old and some written with year of build as early as 1940. Most of the business were by Chinese. To add some values, there are some groceries shops here still with old style and setting. I found one cracker shop here still using Chinese Sempoa for doing calculation. 

Chinese Town Hall, Chui Yin Street

Chui Yin Street, Bentong

The weather was really hot and humid during our visit. Before coming back to hotel, we walk to the famous Kow Po Restaurant to cool ourselves with their famous Home-made Ice Cream and Chendol, Ice Kacang (Malaysian style shaved ice). I previously wrote about the Ice Kacang at Raub, I think I love that ice kacang more than the one in Kow Po Restaurant. The shaved ice portion is smaller and it was fully melt when Christopher snap the photos.

Kow Po Ice Cream, Ketari Street (Opposite Bentong Bus Station)

Just forget the shaved ice, and let me highlight about the ice cream on top of it. There are various kind of homemade ice cream for you to choose here such as coconut, peanut, corn and vanilla flavour. Our ice cream of choice was corn ice cream; really delicious, creamy, milky and mildy sweet (am I overrated it?)

Some of magazines & newspaper cut about the
home-made ice cream at Kow Po Ice Cream

Its Cendol or Ice kacang? Now I confused!

RM4.00 for one serving of Ice Kacang with Ice Cream on top. Really a year 2013 price. duh!!!

Yes. I think that all you can do in Bentong time in case you are not intrested with jungle tracking or visiting other hidden places of Bentong. Plus, the hot weather during this season makes us feel more comfortable to rest in our hotel before continue for food hunting in the evening.

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