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Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

If you went to the Guan Di Temple at Chinatown area, walk ahead and you will find the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. This temple was build on 1873 and constructed by Thamboosamy Pillai as a private shrine. 

Then, this temple opened for public on 1920s and claimed as one of the most eloborate Hindu temples with intriguing designs and intricate carving of Hindu deities. Amongst them are Lord Ganesha, Lord Murruga, Lord Siva and Goddess Lakshmi. 

This temple was decorated with gold embellishments, expensive stones and also hand-painted motives to despict the stories of Hinduism. In the meantime, Italian and Spanish tiles been use to cover the wall and interior of the temple.

Now, the South Indian style gopuram (tower) is the tallest structure here with 23 meters high of 5 tiers pyramid-shaped and gated with scupltured by Hindu Gods which made by artisan from South India.

Guan Di Temple of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where to visit in Kuala Lumpur? As if you will wonder at Chinatown, why don't you extend your sneak and peeking to the Guan Di Temple or so called God of War temple. This temple was built in year 1888 and claimed as one of the oldest temple with existing of the finest traditional features.

Historically, the God of War was the greatest China's warrior during the time and known as Guan Di, General Kwan or Guan Yu. Exploring in the temple, you will find the statue of the Guan Di sit on the altar with his face painted in gold in order to portray his status. 

Many Chinese will come to this temple to worship the Guan Di to seek protection and make wishes. Other deities in the temple are including of Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), Choy Sun )God of Prosperity) and Wen Chong (God of Education and Learning).

Desaru Beach, Singaporean Favorite Gateaway in Kota Tinggi

Have you ever to Desaru beach in Kota Tinggi? Desaru beach is located in Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi which is accessible by 1 hour driving from Singapore border via Senai-Desaru highway. Basically, this beach is very popular among Singaporean family for a quick escape over the weekend besides coming to Malaysia for some weekly groceries shopping. 

There are some resorts establishment at Desaru Beach to choose. Not too surprise, the are numbers of Singaporean owned cars parked at the hotel parking area during my weekend visit. We were at Pulai Desaru Beach Resort for chilling on lazy Saturday while visiting my grandma at nearby area.

Talking about Pulai Desaru Beach Resort, I would say it is a very interesting place to stay and relax. Free air lobby area, contemporary interior design, large swimming pool and just a distance from the beach. We are not check-in the room so can't say much.

For me, Desaru brought a lot of my childhood memory. This is my first beach in my life and whenever…

Jimmy Gunawan The 1st Iphone 5S buyer in the World

"Proud to be Indonesian", this is one of the favorite tagline among Indonesian workers and Indonesian students who study abroad. This is even better the opportunity to be popular and famous was rewarded to a Indonesian, Jimmy Gunawan. It was truly worth it for him to wait for the Iphone 5 released and be the first person in the world to own the latest version of the Iphone.

He was standing at in front of Apple Store at George street Sydney Australia and he even grabbed 2 units of Iphone at AU$2000. According to trusted source, this 33 years old guy bought the Iphone as a presen to his mother who currently live in Indnesia. Jimmy, who is originally from Bandung (as per stated on his facebook) shared on his wall said that "I will post the Iphone to my mother for coming Chinese New Year. I queued since 12am the day before and not regret of doing it".

Hoàn Khang's Gay Coming Out & Letter to Mother.

A sharing about Gay coming out by a Vietnamese guy from Hanoi. No intention to judge others as I believe everybody have their own opinion and I chose to be neutral when posting this article. So, how about yourself?

Recently, Hoàn Khang always post status in social media which mostly displayed some affection and intimation with another guy. Few days ago, in a a letter to mother "Thư gửi mẹ", Kang admitting that he is a gay guy. In Hanoi, be openly gay is still not a normal things and his coming out is really a shock. But then, there still many others who respect and giving support to his decision.

Since young, Kang had felt something different about himself. Sometimes, friend did teased and distracted him too. When internet start to boom in Vietnam, Khang have a chance to learn more about the "disease" which previously he not sure about it. Until one night, Khang dreamt about a "relationship" with a new guy and he was so panicked. Since then, Khang tried to …

The Famous Beef Noodle in KL - Ngau Kee Beef Noodle

Its was 9.30pm and i just finished my dinner at Meng Khee, one of my favorite Chinese seafood restaurant at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. Suddenly my travel mate said that, he used to eat at a very famous beef noodle stall at Jalan Tengkat Tongshin which is located on another side of Jalan Alor. I feel slightly full, but the "famous beef noodle" word makes me eager to share a bowl of beef noodle with my mate. 

Our arrival to this stall greeted by indonesian/Nepalese stall assistant and i slight have problem to place my order as I didn't speak Chinese and they cannot catch my English too. Luckily the menu on the stall's wall help us to decide.  

We ordered Dry Beef Noodle with Beef Balls and hot tea. The noodle was slightly like the wanton mee noodle with some mince beef cooked with soy sauce and other ingredient. the soup and beef balls are on the side. You can choose to add in some of the soup in your dry noodle bowl or optionally, you can order Beef Noodle Soup instead.…

An Evening at Tanjung Leman Beach, Mersing, Johore

A trip to Johor sometimes will make you boring. Long and hilly streets are common especially in the circle of Kluang, Kota Tinggi and Mersing. During my recent family trip to visit Grandma at Kota Tinggi, we went to my aunt's house at Felda Sungai Ara, a palm oil plantation estate which is located in the middle of Kota Tinggi and Mersing road. But this article is not to share about my aunt's house, but the hidden charm of the area.
Deep inside the thickness of the palm oil estate and not too far from the FELDA Sungai Ara, you will find the hidden gem of Tanjung Leman Beach which you may access at FELDA Tenggaroh road via Kota Tinggi - Mersing route. This long and sloppy beach is mostly popular among local or tourist who might pass by the junction to FELDA Tenggaroh and see the sign of Tanjung Leman Beach on the road side. 

As earlier said, nothing much to do here and no grand development in the area too. The only resort available here is Tunjuk Laut Beach resort and there is a s…