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[Krabi, Thailand]: The Endearing of Aonang Villa Resort for a Perfect Gateway

I was in Krabi back on April 2017 for my birthday trip. If you are new to Krabi, making decision about where to stay can be a very tricking with option of staying in Krabi town, boating to one of the island or to stay in Aonang. 
For me, Aonang is a perfect place because everything was here. The beach, the restaurants, travel agencies, ATMs, motorbike for rents, but maybe not the sunset as I didn't get any during my latest trip there. Aonang Villa Resort is one of my favourite hideaway and its located in the heart of Aonang city. The resort is just a 100 meters from the beach, the main road on the other side with shops and stuffs. 
We flew to Krabi on the first flight from Kuala Lumpur and arrive to the hotel as early as 9AM by hotel pick up services which cost me THB700. As soon as we arrive, the friendly reception staff had welcome us with 'Sawadeekap' and served us with welcome drinks. We are so lucky as we were travelling on weekdays and so there are many rooms availabl…

[Nu Sentral KL]: I'm in Love with 4Finger Crispy Chicken

I think many of us were talking about the sensation of the 4 Finger recently. It has been viral-led over the facebook and god knows how the queue at their Nu Sentral, Kuala Lumpur outlet. When I asked my mate about where for lunch, a short answer he gave me was, lets '4 Finger' and I was a bit doubtful if the outlet is just selling chicken fingers which is a big No for me.  
This Four Finger business was originally from Singapore (and their HQ was there too) and now serving customers in their home country as well as Australia & their neighbour, Malaysia & Indonesia. For Malaysia market,  it came with Halal certified which I know very important as if they want to penetrate the Muslim consumers. 
So, we chose the Chicken Set which is consisted of twelve pieces of fried chicken wings with mix sauce (soy garlic and hot & spicy sauce), two pack of fries (with choice of seaweed or kimchi flavour) and 2 drinks. 
I personally think that it is a bit tricky for new comers t…

Special Hideout Place Over Lunch Break: Caffeinated Cabin, PJ

I usually will go to this place on work-day for lunch. It is located at PJ, not really far from the KWSP PJ building. Turn left if you know where is it? or you just need to waze it up. 
Caffeinated Cabin 64, Jalan Gasing, Bukit Gasing 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Facebook:
I called this place as a 'special hideout over lunch break' because this place is unique for many reason. So, now its is more like I am revealing my secret. LOL!
First of all, I love the cool AC temperature here. Just nice especially when the sun outside just over your head. 
Secondly, the menu list offered a limited choice of meals for you to choose. But I think it is a very cool idea too. Why you need a whole book of menu when you could minimal it and focus on your specialties. I will vote for their pastas. Next time, I shall try out other meals from this place. 
Thirdly, value for money. RM20++ for each pasta meals are not bad for me. You can get ice water if you nee…

Annyeonghaseyo! Choo Choo Chicken, Bandar Puteri Puchong

It has been awhile since my last blog posting. But hell yeah, I am back for good now. Fuck to all those busy time since last 4 years ago and here we go! My brand new blog postings. In line with my year 2017 blogging direction, my blog postings will be comprised of videos, minimal write up and photos. I know you don't read so much. So I will make it as minimal as possible.

Address: Choo Choo Chicken
No.13, Jalan Puteri 1/4, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong. Tel: 03-80516985
Facebook: Choo Choo Chicken Puchong

Earlier today I was at Choo Choo Chicken, Bandar Puteri Puchong. It was a random choice. My housemate Chris had just finished with his home tuition and need to release himself outside. So, what to order at Choo Choo Chicken? Of course a delicious Fried Chicken with choices of sauce; Honey Soy, Garlic, Spicy, Sweet, Soy & Crispy.

Lets sneak a bit from the menu book here

So we ordered 2 sets of 6 Pieces of Tender Chicken with Choo Choo Rice, Barley Tea (refillable) and Blueberry Yogurt…