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Quick Dinner at Madam Kwan's at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur

We arrived to Kuala Lumpur from last Bentong trip around 7.00pm, and felt tired to cook. Since we were in KL, having a good foods in city centre was a good option. Our bus dropped us at Pekeliling Bus Station and we took monorail from Titiwangsa to Bukit Bintang station.
This is "so called" my "zillions" time dining at Madam Kwan's and this is also one of my favorite Malaysian food in town. I believe many of our fella readers  and bloggers had been here too and till now, this Madam Kwan's is always full especially at every lunch and dinner time.
We arrived from long travelling and our attire were slightly off for this kind of place, but its okay as we were really hungry and the Bojari Rice i the only thing in my head at the time.

What is Bojari Rice? It is a combination of rice which cooked with bits of chicken, garlic, dried prawn and some additional of turmeric for coloring besides other side serving in portion; fried chicken, shredded beef rendang, and sour…

Oh My! Day Out in Bentong

We arrived to Bentong from Kuala Lumpur around 12.00pm and the first thing to do is to find budget hotel in this town. As expected, Bentong is a very quiet town without any high rise building and big malls. There are three main road in this town; Loke Yew Street, Ah Peng Street and Chui Yin Street. 

There are only few hotels available for you to choose in Bentong with price starts from RM45 up to RM150 for one night. After browsing here and there, we decided to check in to Milton Hotel at 101 Chui Yin Street. Our hotel is very basic and I personally will forgive the "cheap hotel smell" because of the price, RM45 for one night. Our room size is about 25sqm with a queen size bed, dressing table, very old TV with only 3 channels and 2 settings. 

It was lunch time, and we went to SHL Restaurant for lunch. Most of the crowds here are family and this restaurant was typically look like other Chinese restaurants. Plastic chairs, big round table, boss at counter and Indonesian workers.…

Close Up: Malaysia's CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor 2013

It was 7.00pm and there are beauties started to queue at the entrance of Stage Club, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur to celebrate the sizzling and hot occasion of Malaysian's CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor 2013 Grand Finale Party.
Well, I will let the photo speak by itself. The club's floor was crowded with ladies screaming to their favorite bachelors whenever the MC's mentioning their name. Anyway, congratulation to Nicholas Mak for winning the title of CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor for year 2013. Hopefully, he will carry his responsible to be a role model for men out there to have a winning personalities. 

What's Happening?The Most Eligible Bachelor: Nicholas Mak The Brightest Bachelor: Gibson Yee The Mane Bachelor: Dennis Yin The Most Clickable Bachelor: Mark O Dea

Dinner at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, KLCC

It was a celebration for my new job with a company since I come back to Malaysia last 5 months ago. After texting to my mate Christopher, we decided to meet at KL Sentral before leaving to the Petronas Twin Tower or locally called as KLCC for a nice dinner to celebrate my new job.
At first, I was thinking of going to have dinner either at Chili's or The Chakri Palace and enjoy the nice city view from the restaurant glass wall. But unfortunately, we don't have any reservation (its was Tuesday and I don't expect the restaurant is full) and so we have to scrap the idea. Finally, we decided to try Japanese foods in Yuzu Restaurant.
It was 8pm and the restaurant was 80% occupied with local and expat guests. The menu was "huge" with varieties of foods in colour and tempting presentation. We ordered 2 cans of Sapporo Beer (normally I prefer to have this Japanese beer whenever eat Japanese foods) before making any decision on our dinner meals. 

Finally we ordered, Salmon Fl…

Flooding Area In Ho Chi Minh City, "WET-NAM"

I used to be in a situation when suddenly water coming into my house. And its happened at every high-tide period (each month). To be exact, I am staying at Xo Viet Nghe Tinh Street, Binh Thanh District and nearby to Mien Dong Bus Station. Back then, we did asked our real estate agent if this is a flooding area, and confidently he said, NO FLOOD HERE. 

As we know, there are many areas in this city we need to avoid especially when you plan to rent a house, opening your show rooms or maybe you new office. The raining season is coming soon. I hope the below list will be a good clue for you about where to browse in town during the wet season. 
District 1Dinh Tien HoangBui VienDo Quang DauNguyen Cu TrinhLe LoiNguyen Thai BinhOng Lanh BridgeBen Chuong DuongNguyen Van CuTran Dinh XuThe end of Tran Nhat Duat to Hoang Sa Streets in Tan Dinh WardDien Bien Phu and Hoang Sa Streets in Da Kao WardTon Duc Thang, Nguyen Huu Canh, part of Nguyen Hue, Huynh Thuc Khang and Le Thanh Ton Streets in Ben Nghe…

Vietnam's Raining Season: Fun Facts

Raining season will come soon to Vietnam and it will last after 5 months. Here are some fun facts about wet season in Vietnam
The raining season usually will start in Vietnam on May and will end by November with average rainfall about 1,900mm to 2000mm yearly
During raining reason in Vietnam, the average amount of sunlight per month is at the lowest point which is 10 hours each day
The highest record for high tide in Saigon since last 48 years ago was in year 2008 at 1.5m reached
50mm per hour is the maximum rainfall intensity during flooding season in Vietnam
2,718mm was the highest annual rainfall in Saigon (1908) and the lowest was at 1,392mm in 1958
The cyclones in Ho Chi Minh City can happend with wind speed in between 20m per second and 36m per second during raining season
During high temperature season, May (34°c) and it tend to cool for raining season 30°c in September, the humidity will soar from 70% in February and march to 85% density on September
There is approximately 80% of the …

The Marriage Regulation for Foreigners in Cambodia

Do you know about Cambodian Marriage Regulation? On 2011, the Kingdom of Cambodia's government had announced a measure to make sure Cambodian women will get an acceptable standard of living. 
Only Cambodian men, and foreigner who are below 50 years old with monthly income more than USD2550 can get married with Cambodian women. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman, Koy Kuong in Phnom Penh Post, "Getting married with a over 50 years old man is like a grandfather and granddaughter and we aim to see our Cambodian look like a proper couple" 
The reason of putting a minimum salary is to prevent cheap labour trafficking and to make sure Cambodian women will get an acceptable standard of living. A foreign man who are older than 50 years old also are banned to get married with any women at their age or older and this ban is not apply if a Cambodian men want to get married with a foreign women. 
According to The Economist, this regulation had prompted some responds from worlds'…

Renewing your Visa in Cambodia from Saigon

Not everybody is lucky and will have a working visa while working in Vietnam. Company’s policies, budget constrains, social works and doing freelancers normally became a reason why you are not eligible to own a working permit. For some nationalities, once you have entered Vietnam, you will be provided with a 3 months tourist visa and you can extend it at a local immigration office with assistance from travel agents. You also may apply for a business visa if you meet with the applications requirements. For most expatriates in Ho Chi Minh City, going to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to renew visa is one of the cheapest options. Normally the whole trip will cost around USD 50 inclusive transportation, foods and accommodations.
Where to start?All you need to do is get your bus ticket. Go to the backpacker areas and many travel agencies can help you to get your bus ticket. Good reputation bus operators such as The Sinh Tourist, Sorya Transportation, Sapaco Tourist and Kumho E&C are always the to…