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An Acceptable In-room Dining at Equatorial Cameron Highland

I previously wrote about my poor dining at The Coffee House of Equatorial Hotel. But then, since we still have another complimentary dinner RM88 for the second night, we finally decided to try their western foods for our second night dinner. This time, the dinner will be in our room instead of in the restaurant. Obviously, our room's ambiance is much better than the restaurant itself.
Before that, we went to the Cricket Bar to claim our complimentary fruit punch for two before ordering our food around 7.00pm from The Coffee Shop and requested for delivery to our room at 8.30pm.
Sharp at 8.30pm, the room service rang our room bell and here we go, the Coffee Shop staff and a lady, introduced as the restaurant manager came to deliver our dinner. Other than our dinner, we received a complimentary carrot cake as their apologize for my bad dinner at night before. Well, apology accepted, but I will still write this sharing. 
We ordered a serving of mushroom soup, and garlic bread of appetiz…

Exploring the Decor of Dalat Palace Hotel, Vietnam

I previously wrote about the Dalat Palace Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Dalat City, Central of Vietnam. Maybe my previous entry was very lengthy with facts, but this version is more relax for easy reading.

It was raining when me and my mate dropped by to this hotel around 4.00pm, looking for coffee or any hot drink to warm us from the chilly weather here. The Le Rebalais cafe was empty with out any customer, just a soft slow music break the quietness of the cafe. 

Next, let me bring you to explore the Edwardian style of decor and what I like the most is, the doors and big windows which is in French style and the big curtains. 

"This is my favorite space in this hotel. I really can't recall this room's name, but it sometimes a room to relax, having cigar or many to enjoy some glasses of wine before waiting for friends or dinner at another room later".

This is the Rose Room or so called a Library. There collection of books, old photos and some antics in this room are…

Poor Dining Out at Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highland

This entry still will talk about my trip in Cameron Highland. During the 3 days 2 nights, there are so many to cover and I am very excited about it. We were lucky, coz our online booking at Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highland came with complimentary dining at RM88/day which we need to utilize it. Even better when actually for those 2 nights, it was heavily raining in Cameron Highland which driving at night in the rain can be very dangerous. 

So,  on the first night we walk-in to Golden Phoenix Restaurant for our dinner. The restaurant is not crowded, maybe only have 4 or 5 tables with customers and 4 waiters on duty. Menu in hand, and fresh bun with butter deliver to us. We ordered 1 appetizer and 2 sharing main and here is the story begin.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, I called the man waiter asking if they can deliver our salad first in case other foods is not yet ready. He checked in the kitchen and come back to me saying that the salad will ready in few minutes. 10 minutes waiti…

Galeria Time Tunnel, Cameron Highland Part 1

During our stay in Cameron Highland, we were frequently passing by a place place called Galeria Time Tunnel. This museum is located on the right side of the street between Brinchang town to Kea Farm. The idea to visit this place came when my mate was asking me if there is any museum in Cameron Highland. 

We were visiting the Museum after having the noodle for lunch at Tanah Rata. The entrance ticket for this museum is RM5.00 per entry and you will get 20% discount for any drinks at the museum's cafe after u finish your tour. 
Well, RM5 for the ticket sound so expensive as we were not sure about what will we see in the museum. Typically, maybe this is just another useless tourism product on this highland. However, the excitement of this Time Tunnel Museum started at the museum's entrance itself when we saw some old toys and steel board from early 70s and 80s displayed here as a welcoming door decoration. 

I can't describe this trip in words. So, I will let you see the photos t…

Our Expensive & Cheap Food in Cameron Highland

Prior to our trip to Cameron Highland, we did some Googling here and there to find about foods in Cameron Highland. Unfortunately, our finding was hopeless as we didn't get so much clues about where to head for good foods on the highland.
From Tapah, we stopped at Brinchang for lunch at 12pm while waiting for our hotel's check in time at 3.00pm. After making big round at the centre of Brinchang town, we found out that most of the restaurants here served Steam Boat for their customers. Perhaps, the cool weather on the highland make people prefer to have hot dishes instead of fried foods.
Back to the story about our lunch, we went to a Chinese restaurant here and instead of ordering hot pot which we think its pricey at RM40 for 2 person, we chose to have rice with side dishes instead. We ordered a serving of vegetable, chicken and rice for 2 person. Guest what! Its RM35 including 1 serving of Chinese Tea. This is what I called as "highland price is always high".
Other tha…