Jb oh! JB: Eating Out at Meldrum Road, Johor Bahru

When asking about where to go for cheap and delicious foods in JB, most of my JB friends were recommending me to the stalls at Stulang Laut (next to the Zon hotel). In my opinion, the Stulang Laut restaurants were not so much different compared to the Malay stalls at Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

Meldrum Road is located in the the area of JB golden triangle (Wong Ah Fook Road-City Square, Segget Night Bazaar and the CIQ). There are two sides of eating area at Meldrum Road; Chinese restaurants in the south and Malay food stalls in the north.

It was Saturday evening and the small alley at Meldrum Road was really packed with stalls and customers. The foods smells was really tempting, and the scene here was so eyed-catching. Unlike Stulang Laut which mostly a paradise with Tomyam and seafoods, the Meldrum Road is a good place for you to hunt for Ayam Penyet, noodles, Goat Soup and other local delicacies. 

The delicious Mee Rebus was from this stall. The green stuff in from of the glass display is the Otak-Otak

We chose 2 stalls for our food sampling and very happy with out choice. G73 Stall served a very delicious serving of Mee Rebus. The combination of yellow noodle, fried tofu, eggs and the sauce made the dish really tasty. 

Stunning Mee Rebus, truly delicious

At stall G73, you also can choose other foods such as Soto (Soup with stuffed rice, and shredded chicken), Bakso (Indonesian style noodle) and Otak-Otak. Otak-otak is a fish cake made from fish, spices and flour before wrapped with palm leaves and grilled on fire to cook. The Otak-Otak in Johor normally bigger than other places and more delicious compared to thin and tasteless portions of Otak-Otak.

The Ayam Penyet Cinta Stall

After that, we went to another stall, "Ayam Penyet Cinta". Historically, Ayam Penyet was originally from Indonesia, and this fried chicken will be tapped by chopping knife before serving with tempeh & cucumber on the side. At this stall, they were serving the chicken with Sambal and this is one of the best selling food in the menu.

A serving of Ayam Penyet with fried tofu, lime and cabbage

This serving Ayam Penyet serving was very nice to try. The outer part of the chicken was very crispy and the Sambal was very delicious (of course in Johor style). From time to time, I can see there are so many customers come and go to this stall whether to eat here or take away the Ayam Penyet

Close up, the super yummy Sambal

As I said earlier, there are varieties of foods for you to choose here. In some corners, you can find Goat soup, which mostly sell by Mamak, Indian Muslim sellers. Only one advise, if you don't have any concern about the area which in a dirty alley, with some pets here and there, you can enjoy the foods here. The taste is very delicious, and maybe my long time experiences eating street foods at Vietnam, and Cambodia make me feel ok to enjoy the foods here too.

How much did we spent here?
Mee Rebus: RM4.00
Otak-Otak: RM1.20
Ayam Penyet: RM7.00

As usual, my travel mate, Christopher will always be with me to joy the delicious taste of Malaysian foods. You can LIKE his photography page at 祥發 Photography for more photos and sharing.  


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