The Marriage Regulation for Foreigners in Cambodia

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Do you know about Cambodian Marriage Regulation? On 2011, the Kingdom of Cambodia's government had announced a measure to make sure Cambodian women will get an acceptable standard of living. 

Only Cambodian men, and foreigner who are below 50 years old with monthly income more than USD2550 can get married with Cambodian women. According to Foreign Ministry spokesman, Koy Kuong in Phnom Penh Post, "Getting married with a over 50 years old man is like a grandfather and granddaughter and we aim to see our Cambodian look like a proper couple" 

The reason of putting a minimum salary is to prevent cheap labour trafficking and to make sure Cambodian women will get an acceptable standard of living. A foreign man who are older than 50 years old also are banned to get married with any women at their age or older and this ban is not apply if a Cambodian men want to get married with a foreign women. 

According to The Economist, this regulation had prompted some responds from worlds' rights groups and human rights activists. However, Ping Chhiv Kek, the president of Cambodian Right Group explained that applying this regulation is a good way to protect Cambodian women from difficulties, besides implementing the law against rape and violance towards Cambodian women. 

This is not the first time the government announced the marriage bans. In 2008, the government banned all foreign marriages to control the women trafficking to Korea and in 2010, another temporary regulation to ban marriage between Cambodian women and South Korean men was implemented.


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