10 Tips for Travelling During Hot Season

I am recently travel a lot from south to north, east to west Malaysia. The recent hot weather (averagely 29°C and it can go as high as 37°C) sometime can spoil my travelling mood, but a plan prior to the trip will make the trip better. 

Summer Holiday. Photo by Haikeu (hoanghaithinh) on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Here are my 10 tips about how to travel during hot season.

1. Plan Ahead
Before going anywhere, you should plan for everything. Some people prefer to go by their own and follow their heart. But this is not really good if you are in Malaysia or South East Asia countries when the weather is "killing you softly". You shall plan about where to go in the morning, mid noon and evening. You also should cut all the unnecessary activities during hot day or choosing activities in shady area or visiting roofed places such as museum, galleries or other indoor places.

2. Plain Water & More Plain Water
Consuming enough water is very important when travelling especially during hot season. Room-temperature water is very good for you to drink instead of drinking sodas which can dehydrate you. Some kind of sport drinks which contain salt and sugar also will make you feel more thirsty than you really are.

3. Know your Fitness
You know yourself when you travelling. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, headache or cramps, you should stop for awhile, having some drinks and chilling at shady area. you need to rest for an hour before returning from your  travelling activity.

4. Make up
Yes, understood that you need to look good especially while taking travel photos. you are advisable to put less make up when travelling during hot season. Too much make up will make you more sweating and feel hotter. You might consider to place your make up in refrigerator so that can cooling yourself when you apply it on your face.

5. Accessories
You need to wear less accessories during hot weather. Metallic accessories normally can heat up yourself. Choose simple accessories made from beads or cloths will make you more comfortable.

Flip Flops. Photo by artbystevejohnson
(steve johnson) on Flickr CC BY-2.0
6. Don't forget your deodorant
Please! Please! Please! If you are kind of person that so easy to have body odor  you should not forget to apply deodorant after shower or before you going out.

7. "Breathes" footwear
For urban wear, sandal and flip flops are always a great choice. But for some rough or hardcore activities, you need more arch support, durability and comfort. You need to avoid wearing new sports sneaker as it will tense your foot, rub your feet and give you blisters.

8. Freeze your Drinking Water
Why don't you freeze your bottle of water and carry it during your travelling? It will be solid at the moment you leave the house, but the heat outside will slowly melt the ice and can chill yourself when travelling. You probably will need to wrap the water bottle with tower or other bag in order to avoid from the water condensing in your bag.

9. What is your Colour?
Hot season means that you have to be smart in choosing your colours and clothing materials. Travelling during hot season requires less in clothing to make you feel comfortable. Light colours will reflect the heat away while black and dark colours will trap the heat to your body.

10. Eat Good Food
Do you know that right choice of foods can cool yourself? Along the way when you travel, you can buy salads, fresh foods, vegetables and fruits for your travel snacks. You need to avoid eating meat and heavy-protein foods during hot day which can increase the metabolic heat production activities and you can loss water in your body. Junk foods? It is lack of nutrients, hot and greasy which won't give you any source of energy.


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    1. Luckily now the hot season is over in Malaysia. If travel in Vietnam, now is a raining season. Just need to pack umbrella, rain coat and easy to dry material clothings


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