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Grand Shanghai - Claypot Restaurant, Setiawalk, Puchong

Article contributed by: Christopher Lim Food Category: Non-halal
It was a beautiful afternoon and I was wondering around Setia Walk until we discovered that the Shanghai floor at the other block has been opened. Well, I can't recall the exact name, but this eating out place is located at the other block of Setiawalk which is 1 floor up from the Celebrity Fitness and one floor below the TGV Cinema.

Basically, there are so many stall or traditional concepts of restaurants here. Most of the restaurant here serve Chinese foods and the food price is very reasonable. So, that day I decided to go to this Grand Shanghai Claypot Restaurant to try their Shanghaineese foods there. 

So, I ordered a set of Pork Ribs with Sweet Sauce and my friend ordered a set of Crispy Lemon Chicken. Each set come with clear soup on the side, steam rice and salad. For drink, we ordered Luo Han Guo ice which is really good to cool ourselves. 

How was the food? I am very family with local Chinese food and this is my…

Fruits Shopping at Justfruit, IOI Boulevard, Puchong

If previously I shared with you about the fruit store located in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), this time i will share with you about another place located nearby my house in Puchong which called as Justfruit.

The exact location is at the IOI Boulevard Puchong, or next to the Ah Wing Noodle Restaurant here. First of all, I love the room temperature here. Really chill and good a fruit store. In here, the store mostly sell a major selection of imported fruits such as various kind and size of apple, grape, kiwi, strawberries and many other kind of berries too (blackberry, rasberry and blueberry). I can say, you name it and they will have it. 

In terms of pricing, still very reasonable. Maybe a bit expensive compared to AEON and Tesco, but in here, they offer you a premium quality of fruits and it can be kept longer than fruits in normal stall.
In addition,this fruit shop also sell many kind of fresh fruit pun with price RM7 for one and RM13 for 2 cups. 
If I need to choose, this Justfruit Shop…

Steam Boat Dinner at Coco Steamboat, Jalan Kenari, Puchong Jaya

I love steamboat. This Coco Steamboat Restaurant is just walking distance from my house in Puchong. The restaurant is open every night and you can see almost every table full with customer from 7pm until 10pm. 

In my mind, when you go to a steamboat restaurant, you will need to spend a lot of money for the foods. But in this Coca Steamboat, they do have set for 2 person and I can say this set is actually a big one. 
Like this one, it consisted of noodle, vegetable, seafood, tofu and some kind of processed food. Customer also can choose to be served with clear soup or spicy soup. Overall, we enjoyed the steamboat here. The soup is nice and the service is quiet fast. 

Other than the set that I mentioned earlier, we also ordered side dish to add on to our steamboat pot. There are varieties of seafood, fishballs and tofu for you to choose But this time, I only choose mussels and seriously, I love it! 
Will we come back here. The answer is yes (in case we feel lazy to cook at home).
Address: Res…

Everfresh Fruits & Groceries, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

I think I should share about this place with others. If buying local and imported fruits is your weekly thing, and you live somewhere in the vicinity of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI), Kuala Lumpur, this groceries cum fruit store is somewhere that you should not miss in town. My office is nearby here too. I normally will drop by here regularly after work to get some fruits or veggies for my daily healthy dinner. 

Located at Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, not so far from One Utama Shopping Centre, this Everfresh Groceries have everything that you need. There are yellow kiwi, green kiwi, apple, all kind of apples, jackfruit, plums and many more. Not only that, they are also selling vegetables and other daily cooking needs too.