Ho Chiak! moment at Popia Kuala Kangsar, Seremban

Have u heard about Popia Kuala Kangsar? But it is in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan instead of in Kuala Kangsar. And the next question is, why it is in Seremban if the name is Kuala Kangsar? For those who don't know, Kuala Kangsar is a royal district in Perak state, on the west coast side of Malaysia.

Thanks to my school friend, Shiera and her friend, Zam to drove us to this famous eatery place among local Serembanite. In short, Popia is referred to kind of spring roll (something like Vietnamese Spring Rolls) but in many places, Popia came with various kind of skins and textures. This Popia Kuala Kangsar is located at the food arena of Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Paroi or locally called as Stadium Paroi. If you are not driving, you can take any Seremban-Kuala Pilah's CityLiner bus from Terminal 1 and stop at the main road next to the Stadium Paroi. 

There are 2 types of Popia available here which is Popia basah (literary wet) and Popia Goreng (literary fried) for you to choose. As we arrived too early, we only managed to enjoy the wet version. The Popia is very basic, with some veggies inside the roll and garnished with kind of peanuty, sweet and mildly spicy at the end. One piece of the popia can be shared with 2 people as the size is quiet big.

Besides having Popia, my friend recommended me to order Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice). No regret! It is one of my best Nasi Ayam in my life. The portion was big, the Chicken skin was kind of crispy and tasty plus, the chili dipping sauce on the side was stunning. You can add on some clear chicken soup too if you like your Nasi Ayam a bit watery. 

Besides that, you can check on the menu below to order other fried foods such as fried noodle, fried rice, and the Cucur Udang which is also popular here. But, too bad, they don't have it on the day I came. I believe, all other foods on the menu should be as delicious as my main highlight here. 

Back to the Popia story, I get to know that Mr. Rosli the owner of this popia, he learnt to make this Popia from someone in Kuala Kangsar and bring back the recipe and do the business here in Negeri Sembilan. Totally delicous, for both Nasi Ayam and the Popia Basah. Will definitely come again, or I should say, a must enjoy dish whenever I visiting Seremban.

Ka Ching!!! We spent RM5.50 for 2 person here
1 Rolled of Popia Basah RM1.00
1 Serving of Nasi Ayam RM4.50


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