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Get to Know about Nay Pyi Taw, the Administrative City of Myanmar - Part 1

This article was inspired by a German traveller, Dennis Kopp in his blog, See World in My Eyes. He gave up  his career in architecture and go on a budget travelling to see the world. Well, you can know more about Dennis Kopp on the links below. Sorry Kopp if my introduction about you is not bombastic enough. - Website:
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Recently I read an article with title 11 Curiosities  Making Vietnam so Special and read about the new administrative city of Myanmar at Nay Pyi Taw. If many years ago the Malaysian government shift the administrative city from Kuala Lumpur to Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya with amazing architecture buildings. The same happened for Nay Pyi Yaw. A truly new city with traditional and modern build of buildings. Here I shared some photos of Nay Pyi Yaw which I collected from several sources. I love architecture and design, so d…

Day 3 Kota Kinabalu - Pasar Malam Sinsuran

Basically, it was our last night in Kota Kinbalu. Nothing much to do, We just planned to mingle again at the Todak Waterfront area to enjoy the sunset and having dinner at Pasar Malam Sinsuran (Sinsuran Night Market). Here are some photos during the sunset time which is really beautiful and peaceful.

Then, we walked to Pasar Malam Sinsuran for dinner. Hell yeah! There are so many foods here. It might be hard for you to choose as there are so many food stalls here. More than 20 vendors selling grilled chicken wings, fried foods, rice and local made snack. Besides there are vegetable, eggs and daily groceries needs can be found here too.

The first stall that we go sell local savories. There are 'kuih' for us to sample such as Bingka Kelapa, Lenggang, Pasung, Kuih Kelapa and many more. Trust me. Its never taste as good as you see. Not enough sugar and some have too much flour which had effected to the real taste of the foods. After taste the 'kuih', then I figure out tha…

Day 3 Kota Kinabalu: Fish Market & Self BBQ-ing at Tanjung Aru Beach

Good Morning! I have to start this entry by wishing "Good Morning" because we start our 3rd day in Kota Kinabalu the earliest. The plan for the day is going to the Fish Market, buy some fresh seafood and grill it by our own by using the stuffs that we bought on the night before.

But beforehand, we went for breakfast at another restaurant with name Kedai Kopi Kinabalu. We ordered a Laksa Kuching which we finally discovered that the Laksa Yee Fung (In Yee Fung Kedai Kopi) have the sama taste which we concluded that this is Laksa Kuching.

So, we bough a fish, few grams of prawns, some squids and clams. How much does it cost? Fairly cheaper than the price of those seafood that we discovered on our first day in KK. The price for the fish that we bough was around RM20 at the open air restaurant, but only RM8 in the market. The squid that we ate 2 days ago was RM18 for four, but we only pay RM6 for eight squids in the wet market. Isn't that interesting. You pay cheaper and gri…

The Close up of Vietnam International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (VIHABF) 2012

First entry: 27/11/2012 2010hr

The Binh Thuan Province People’s Committee, The Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Chien Thang Company Limited had successfully organized Vietnam’s 1st International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (VIHABF) from 27th August 2012 to 3rd September 2012 at Sea Link City of Mui Ne.

This event had attracted more than 50 participations of International balloonist’s and balloon experts from more than 12 countries such as Malaysia, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the United States, India, Netherland, Australia and Vietnam.

The opening ceremony was on 27th August 2012 with an appearance of the State Vice President, Mr. Nguyen Thi Doan and three hot air balloons took off during the event. The first balloon was piloted by a Spanish balloonist, Joseph llado and the second balloon belonged to Vietnam and directed by a French balloonist, Gael Cardon. Meanwhile the third balloon was from the Netherland’s and piloted by the cooperation of Swiss and Vietnamese b…

How Much to Spend for 4 days 3 Nights holiday in Ho Chi Minh City?

Before you continue reading about my travel itinerary, kindly take note that the price was as at 2009. You perhaps need to add another 50% of price increase if you read this in between year 2015 - 2017.

First Blog Entry Date: 28 Feb 2013 9.23AM

Are you planning to visit Ho Chi Minh City and still not sure about how much to spend during the trip? You should continue reading this guide as if it can give you some clues on how to enjoy the trip and saving some money.

This guide made by assumption that you are going to spend 4 days 3 nights in this city. You will cover most of tourist attractions, local foods and shopping during the trip. Day 1 Once you arrive to Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the first thing to do is find a money changer to change some money for taxi or other immediate use. USD50 is enough for change as the exchange rate in the airport normally not as good as in town. After that, you will go out from the arrival hall and catch a taxi. Basically, you will be approached by …