Monday, 29 April 2013

"The Straits Games 2013" More fun in the Philippines

Have you ever heard about The Straits Games (TSG)? Well, this is the very first time for me to hear such games and to be surprised; this game is celebrating their 12th anniversary this year. Initially, the TSG was started back on 2002 in Kuala Lumpur as a forthcoming annual sport event between the Leadership Programme for Gays (LPG) Malaysia or formerly known as Leadership Programme Garduate and Men After Work (MAW) Singapore with the spirit to promote friendship and to support a healthy lifestyle in Asian LGBT community.

The TSG also had generated participation from neighbourhood countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippine. The core sports for this TSG are badminton, bowling and volleyball besides new addition of Tennis and Squash for upcoming games.

Besides, the TSG is a good channel for Asian LGBT people, not only to promote a healthy lifestyle, but also a good occasion for real networking, with an extensive Gala Dinner to conclude the yearly event.

Back then, the TSG had cross over South East Asia countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan since last 10 years ago.

The Straits Games 2002 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Straits Games 2003 – Singapore
The Straits Games 2004 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Straits Games 2005 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Straits Games 2006 – Phuket, Thailand
The Straits Games 2007 – Phuket, Thailand
The Straits Games 2008 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Straits Games 2009 – Taipei, Taiwan
The Straits Games 2010 – Hong Kong
The Straits Games 2011 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiasia (10th Anniversary)
The Straits Games 2012 – Phuket, Thailand
The Straits Games 2013 – Manila, the Philippines

As for 2013, the Philippines will be the the host for the TSG 2013 in line with the country’s tourism slogan, “Friendship, More Fun in the Philippines” which to attract more international participation 

The sports activities will be held in various location around Metro Manila starts from 18th – 20th October 2013. Besides, there will be a Welcome Party, Social Nights, Tour, Gala Dinner and Club Parties during the occasion.

Any enquiries about the games or participation, kindly refer to below links:
TSG Manila Facebook Page:
TSG Manila Contact Person: Mr. Dennis Corteza

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Quick Tips for Budget Holiday in Krabi Island, Thailand

Krabi Island, a very popular tourist site in Thailand especially among honeymoon makers and western tourist. The crystal clear water, snorkeling and island hopping are common activities here. 

The tips is more specific for people who are looking for budget trip in Krabi.

Check the Weather Forecast & Ticket Booking
Before making any decision to book your ticket to Krabi, you have to check the local weather forecasting. The best time to go here is in between November to  March. This is because Krabi receive less rain during this season, but it doesn't mean no rain at all during this time. In case its heavy rain, high possibilities the water activities will be cancelled.  

Book your hotel
After booking your flight ticket, you may book your hotel and activities in Krabi. There are various websites for you to do hotel booking and always remember to check for the best deal. You can check on AirAsia Go, Agoda or because their price are absolute cheaper than directly deal with hotel's reservation staff. As for activities, you can book earlier from your home country, but actually, the price is much cheaper when you booking here in Krabi. Totally easy!

The activity in Krabi is mostly focusing on the beach activities. So, don't forget to bring sunblock, sun shades and cap. Good if you can bring a small mat or big towel for relaxing on the beach.

You need to at least change your home currency to US Dollar before changing it to Thai Bath (THB). If you are in Singapore or Malaysia before going to Krabi, you may directly change Thai Baht with a sufficient rate. This is another option for you in case you will have problem to find money changer in Krabi.

if you are Muslim, don't worry! Halal food is almost everywhere. If you would like to have Thai Muslim's food, you may enjoy the mixed rice at Krabi night market. Normally 1 serving of mixed rice will cost you around THB40. There are a lot of 7 Eleven here, I would say almost at every few blocks, you will see one 7 eleven outlet here. So, you won't get hungry in the middle of the night.

Local Sim Card
you can buy local simcard when you arrive to Krabi. It is very cheap to call or sending SMSes compared to roam your home network. Normally, you will get free THB100 phone credit when buying the sim card and for example, calling to Malaysia will cost you THB4/minute compare to THB40 if you are roaming by using Malaysian simcard. 

NOTE: Thanks to my mate for all great Krabi photos. You may LIKE his photography Facebook fan page at 祥發 Photography for his profiles and  other creative works. 

What do you love about The Badroom Dance X TropSmoo video?

[ THE FOLLOWING is a guest blog post contributed to Microscopasia Journal by Lok Priders ]

The Badroom Dance X TropSmoo 2012 S/S video has been uploaded for almost a year on Youtube and Facebook but I just see it today and this video is worth re-sharing.  The video is produced to actually advertise both men and women's clothes you see in the video.

The first video is for 2012 and the latter one is for last year edition.

Let go straight to main focus, yeah of course about the model guy in the video!  To me (as a gay guy), the most interesting part in this video is the shirtless Taiwanese male model trying to act hot and cute. How about you guys? Do you think he looks cute and hot? So tell me what do you love about this video?

Video Description

2012 Summer project, crossover TropSmoo, everything you see in this video, you can have it (except our models of course) 

Photographer, Director, Editor By ME (TEDDY)

Music BY 

Pet Shop Boys/Britney Spears/Adele/Rihanna + 3 (Marc Johnce Mashup)

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Malaysian's CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2013 Faces

Grand Finale: 26th April 2013
Venue: Stage Club Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 6.00pm till late

Left: Mohan Vickrem, 29, Senior Engineer
Right: Syed Shakir Aljunid, 23, Restaurant Owner


Left: Romesh Kanagaratnamage, 26, Freelane Event Manager
Right: Mark O Dea, 22, Musician & Artist


Left: Ikram Rafie, 24, Lawyer
Right: Alan Tan, 25, Consultant & Commercial Talent


Left: Jason Fan, 22, Techinical Executive
Right: Gregory Ramanado, 26, Singer-Songwriter & Trainer


Left: Syazuwan Hassan, 23, Musician
Right: Haikal Idris, 23, Proserv Agent


Left: Shivam Gupta, 25, help Desk Analyst
Right: Faiz Abdul Hak, 24, Part Time Talent


Left: Sukhveer Singh Ajay, 26, Human Resource & Legal Manager
Right: Chris Greenough, 28, Digital Planner


Left; Azrel Ismail, 29, Sale Manager & Actor
Right: Daler Yusoff, 22, Model


Left: Sherson Lian, 28, Cook
Right: Ivan Fredrick Yun, 20, Freelance Personal Trainer


Left: Vic Chan, 23, DJ
Right: Iedil Putra, 29, Actor


Left: Kuhan Kanasegaran, 26, Music Producer
Right: Ahya Rosli, 26, Model


Left: Kyren Thomas, 21, Musician
Right: Shahir Khalid, 29, IT Consultant


Left: Kamlesh Menon, 24, Lawyer
Right: Neal Jansen, 28, Associate Digital Strategist


Right: Alex Choong, 22, PA Teacher & Model
Left: Galvin Marne, 23, Investment Bankers


Left: Alex Choong, 22, PA Teacher & Model
Right: Kal Joffres, 29, Managing Director


Left: Joshua Ivanovic, 29, Owner of Cocktail Solution
Right: Dennis Yin, 25, Dancer


Left: Fazrin Zainudin, 23, Chareographer & Dancer
Right: Adam Smurthwaite, 30, Senior Project Executive


Left: Mahzrin Mahfar, 23, Pilot
Right: Billy Ng, 29, Chef Instructor


Left: Julius Lim, 36, CEO
Right: Haziq Shukry, 24, Corporate Communication Specialist


Left: Nicholas Mak, 25, Photographer & Art Director
Right: Gibson Yee, 22, Account Executive


Left: Christop Hornung, 29, Managing Director
Right: Lum Wai Foong, 28, Senior Executive


Left: Mah Kit Wai, 28, IT Manager & Model
Right: Suresh Mohan, 24, Auditor


Left: Aaron Chan, 22, Professional Cyclist
Right: Cody Foo, 21, Beatboxer


Left: Seyed Mehrdad Razavi, 29, Model & Actor
Right: Joshua Chiang, 25, Web Architect


Left: Ivan Leong, 27, Radio Announcer
Right: Aidan Salman. 25, Freelancer Project Manager

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