Visit Malaysia 2014: The Stadhuys, Malacca

The Stadhuys or 'city hall' in Dutch language is a historical building which is located next to the Christ Church at Laksamana Road, Malacca. This Church was built on year 1650 as the official residence for Dutch Governor and Vice Governer in Malacca.

During 19th centuries, a school called, 'Malacca Free School' was built at the area of Stadhuys building. The education was delivered free and most of the students are the children of the wealthy Chinese. According to a letter signed on 19th April 1825 by church representative, Mr. J.Humprey, J.W.Overee and A.W. Baumgarten to the city hall, it is very important to have a English school in Malacca. Finally, there is a school opened on 7th December 1826 with 18 students, with Mr. T.H. Moore as the first headmaster of Malacca Free School.

After certain period of time, the number of student has increased to 200 people. The study time start from 9am until 12pm and continued at 2pm until 4pm. There are not so many Malay students enrolled to this school as most parents preferred to send their children to Malay school or religious school. Eventhough the language medium in this school is English, other languages such as Malay, Portuguese and Chinese are also taught.


On August 1878, the British government has take over the management of the school and named it as Malacca High School. The new headmaster for the school is Mr. A.Armstrong and on 1931, Malacca High School has moved to a new site at Chan Koon Cheng road until now.

The Stadhuys building now houses the Museum of History & Ethnography, Admiral Cheng Ho Gallery, Museum of Art, Museum of Democratic Rule, and Museum of Yang Di-Pertua Negeri.  

Oh ya! Not only that, we went again to the Stadhuys area in the evening and we just love the colours. 


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