Ho Chiak Malacca: Breakfast at Pasar Besar Melaka

Going to Malacca and looking for Malay breakfast, I will suggest this place. This brekkie place is located on the 1st floor of Malacca wet market and the easy landmark of this market is the Melaka Sentral (Melaka bus station).

This place was recommended by my school teacher whom a proud Malaccan too. The photo below is the one mentioned by my teacher. The stall name is 'Gerai Patumah' and the killer brekkie here is the Lontong, but unfortunately we we late and they run out of lontong. 

Since we didn't get the Lontong, there are still some other tempting stuffs to try out. So, we ordered a serving of Mee Kari, Mee Rebus and Soto, and of course we love it all. Very Malay like and the price is really cheap. If you are asking me about will I come back here? My answer will be Yes!

Before I end up this posting, here are some photos from inside the Melaka Wet Market. I can say that you can get everything here, from perishable, fresh flower to household items. I think the price for those things here are much cheaper than in other market too.


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