Ho Chiak Moment at Jonker Street's Night Market, Malacca

Jonker street's night market is something that I should not elaborate so much. Local and tourist went here for local foods, souvenirs, clothing, and many more. But this time, I would like to share about those delicious foods for you to grab at Jonker night market.  

So, what we have for our dinner during our visit the night market? We started with a serving of super-delicious Penang Char Kuey Teow and followed by a bowl of Nyonya Laksa. Even I used to live in Penang and enjoy various kind of Char Kuey Teow, I personally think this is the best in my life. From the same stall, I ordered a bowl of Nyonya Laksa which is my first Nyonya food since I in Malacca. I hope to taste more varieties of Nyonya foods when visiting Malacca.

Not only that, we feel so tempted with order the chicken rice ball with roasted chicken on the side and a serving of Rojak (mixture of fruits and crackers with sauce on the side) from another stall located next to the Char Kuey Teow seller. Well, the chicken rice was delicious, but it can be better if the rice ball be served hot.

Not only that, another stall (which is located in front of the chicken rice ball) which selling fried oyster with egg was another temptation for us. I never eat oyster in my life and my silly thinking that oyster is only good for sexual thingys. But hell yeah, this fried oyster with eggs was soooo tasty.

Finally, I feel so curious with a noodle with name ____________. We asked for a dry version and few minutes later, the cute seller delivered it to our table. It was a combination of Kuey Teow, slices of fish cakes mixed with sauce (I can't really determine what sauce was it). 

How much did we spent here?

RM4.50 Char Kuey Teow
RM4.50 Nyonya Laksa
RM5.00 Chicken Rice Ball
RM6.00 Rojak
RM4.50 ----------------

Actually, there are many other choices of foods for you to enjoy here, seems like Teppanyaki style of cooking is really hot selling here. I missed the chance to eat the Fish Ball Curry (because of too full) and at other corners, you can enjoy Japanese foods, Dim Sum and other kind of Chinese foods.


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