Klebang Coconut Shake, A Must Try in Malacca

This Klebang's famous coconut shake was recommended by local Malacca friend during our recent visit to here. This stall open daily from 11.00am and close around 5.00pm daily. On Friday, this stall will open right after Friday prayer time around 2.30pm. 

What so special about this coconut shake compared to others? The blended coconut flesh is so smooth and taste really good; not too sweet, not too sour and slightly mild if you are asking for vanilla ice-cream topping on top.

This is the take away counter which is located at the main road of Klebang. The landmark for this place is Caltex station located next to the stall, if you arrive from Malacca town.

About 100 meter from the take away stall, walk inside further from the junction and  you will find a dine place for this Klebang Coconut Shake. Free parking is available, and sometimes you might need to wait to get any seat. 

This Coconut Shake is purely using Walls ice cream for their topping. A friend told me that they get a good price from Walls and some other sponsorships such as banner, umbrella and many more. But I am not really sure about it. 

The price list. Customers are not only to enjoy the coconut shake, but you also can order other drinks and foods such as Nasi lemak, noodles and local Malay's snacks. The price here is much cheaper than other place and everything taste good.

Other than that, there are choices of local kuih for customer to enjoy. So, you will definitely will leave this Coconut Shake place with full stomach. Choices of local kuih such as Karipap (curry puff), kuih dadar (green pancake with sweet coconut filling), keropok lekor and many more. 


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