Visit Malaysia 2014: Kampung Morten, Malacca

During my stay in Ramada Plaza Hotel Melaka, I can see this Kampung Morten from my room at 18th floor of the hotel. This settlement covered with red roof,greeneries and surrounded by Melaka rivers.

Kampung Morten is located at the centre of Malacca city and this is the only Malay village in town. It can be considered as a life museum since the local people still maintain their traditional living values.

This village get the name from J.F.Morten, a land commissioner when the commission established at early year 1920. Morten's responsible is to develop this village which used to be a swampy area. 

Compared to few years ago, there are a lot of changes and the village is very developed. Visitors can walk around the village and they can see the beauty of traditional Malay house and their daily routine. 


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