Visit Malaysia 2014: Kampung Hulu Mosque, Malacca

Kampung Hulu Mosque or Masjid Kampung Hulu was built on 1728 and it is located in the centre of Malacca town. It is the oldest mosque in Malaysia and still standing on it's original site. This mosque is located at the junction of Kampung Huku road and Masjid road, which is surrounded by Chinese shops in the area.

Historically, this mosque was built by the local people with fund from the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (V.O.C) during Dutch colonialism era as per multi-religion basis. Before the Dutch come on 1624, the Portuguese was in Malacca since 1511 and they had demolished most of non-Christian prayer house in Malacca.

The Dutch administrator had assigned a local leader called Kapitan to lead the local people to re-build new prayer houses which previously demolished. Dato' Samsuddin bin Arom, a Chinese immigrant who are converted to Muslim has been assigned by the Dutch to build this Kampung Hulu Mosque. The original structure then was fixed by Sheikh Al-Omar bin Hussain Al-Attas and some additional architectural features from Java land was adapted.

One of the unique factor for this mosque is the roof which was built in 3 layers and its look like a pyramid. It was built in this way, which the purpose of the space in between the layers is for air ventilation and natural lighting purposes. The structure of this roof is supported by 4 main pillars at the centre of this mosque besides other sub-pillars around the mosque. Eventhough this mosque has a lot of Javanese influence, it was not built by wood like other mosque in Java. But then, the main material for this mosque is brick with low brick wall to gate the mosque.

Same like other old mosque in Malacca on that time, the decoration in the mosque was influence by the Chinese such as the ceramic mosaic which was from the China government during the Ching Dynasty. Besides that, the tower at the mosque also was build same like the Chinese pagoda style.   


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