Visit Malaysia 2014: The Old Malacca Islamic Council Building

The exact date of the construction of this building is difficult to establish. However, an architectural engineer commissioned to withdraw the plans of the old Malacca Museum and the Stadhuys, Lauren Vis believes that this building was built in the 19th century. Vis drew this conclusion after studying the design of the building, which according to him have similarities with other British buildings during Malacca period. He is quite certain the building was built in the 1850s. 

Others meanwhile believe this building was built during the Dutch rule and enlarged during British colonization. They claimed that the tower portion of the building was constructed during the Dutch rule, while the upper floor was added during the British rule.

The building was specifically for use as an office. However some quarters believe that it was initially used as a residence before being converted into an office that housed the Melaka Islamic Council. In 1990, it was restored and turned into Islamic Museum.

This building was gazetted as an old monument and historical site under the Antiquities Act no. 168/1976 on 12th May 1977.

(This entry is as stated on the information board of the Malacca Islamic Museum)

Oh ya! Last but not least, here are some photos from the Islamic museum. Overall, you can see many photos of Islamic guru and local Malaccan who had contributed to the development of Islam in Malacca. Nothing much to see, but I think its a worth visit. 


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